Dragon Pinata

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Dragon Pinata

Dragon Pinata.jpg

Lion's Arch
Part of
Dragon Bash
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Dragon Pinata red.jpg
Red Dragon Pinata

Dragon Pinata blue.jpg
Blue Dragon Pinata

Dragon Pinata lilac.jpg
Lilac Dragon Pinata

Dragon Pinatas were found in all major cities during Dragon Bash. Breaking them will reward players with a Piece of Zhaitaffy and progress the Paper Dragon achievement. There are blue, green, red and lilac pinatas. The pinatas respawn after a couple hours or so.


Historical locations[edit]

Lion's Arch (35)
The Grove
Divinity's Reach
  • Eastern Commons East along Dwayna Low Road, in houses West of Uzolan's Mechanical Orchestra
  • Eastern Commons East along Dwayna Low Road, behind & below (South) of the Carnival
  • Western Commons North of Busted Flagon POI; SW of Vista [Haidryn's Menagerie]
  • Western Commons South East corner of the buildings in the middle
  • The Great Collapse West of the northern end of the bridge
  • The Great Collapse In the corner of the buildings in the North East corner
  • Ossan Quarter Northwest of the little market in the center, in the enterance to a little alley
  • Rurikton West of Asura Gate; South of Maiden's Whisper POI
  • Rurikton South of Lyssa Waypoint; wedged between the spiral and the outer wall
Black Citadel
Rata Sum

Map Locations[edit]