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Desert Highlands Insight: The Tombs

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Desert Highlands Insight: The Tombs

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Desert Highlands Insight: The Tombs is a mastery insight in Tomb of the Primeval Kings.


Crystal Desert

Getting there[edit]

Access to this Mastery Point is intended to require a Griffon. Climb the northwestern snake pillar using a Springer by jumping on the stinger in the rear, and then onto the head. From there, use a Griffon to fly to the eagle monument to the south. Then you can use your Griffon to fly to the shorter central pillar, and then to the taller central pillar where the Mastery Point is located.

It is possible to obtain this Mastery Point without owning the Griffon as long as you have the Open Skies collections unlocked. Travel to the Desert Highlands Griffon Roost and mount up, then ride the Griffon all the way to the tombs. Since you will be riding a "borrowed" griffon, you must stay mounted at all times and avoid combat, as you will be unable to remount the Griffon without returning to the roost. Once inside the tombs, use the Griffon to climb the northwestern snake pillar, using the ledges on the walls to help you. Then fly to the nearby tall pillar, land on it, and fly again to the Mastery Point.

You can also access the roof of the Tomb by using a Springer on the west wall in the last chamber of a cave NE of Eternal Fire Hero Point. There is an invisible wall around the open area that prevents you jumping down, except in a lowered part at the south corner from which you can glide down, or use Jackal to access the Mastery Point

Another way to complete this mastery without the Griffon is through careful manipulation of Bond of Faith. First, the Springer to climb on top of the cobra statue in the northern part of the chamber. You should see a pillar in between the cobra and the mastery point. Then, use the Jackal to leap to the nearby column and Bond of Faith slightly before you reach the platform in order to take advantage of the height boost. Be careful, you can get launched over the column if you don't time it right. Then, wait for the cooldown on Bond of Faith, and repeat the process to get to the middle column. This time, trigger Bond of Faith in the middle of the Raptor jump so that you don't overshoot.

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