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The Search for Buried Treasure

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The Search for Buried Treasure

Desert Highlands
(Crystal Desert)
Event type
Meta event
Total events

The Search for Buried Treasure is a meta event in Desert Highlands. It starts every 2 hours on the odd UTC hour.

Dynamic events[edit]

  • Explorers are digging for buried treasure chests. Events award Treasure Hunting Kit. Use Treasure Hunting Kits to find chests and earn bonus loot.
  • Time remaining: 20:00


Event schedule[edit]

Previous 2 hoursNext 2 hours
00:00 UTC


  • If you uncover a treasure with a Treasure Hunting Kit before the event, but only pick it up when the timer starts, it will still give you a Superior Buried Treasure.
  • Likewise, if you use a Treasure Hunting Kit before the event ends, but don't get to the treasure until after the timer expires, you will receive a standard Buried Treasure.
  • You can reset the location the kit gives you by logging out to the character selection screen, then logging back again. This is useful when the kit would make you waste time by navigating an area full of enemies.