Hidden Carrot Hunt

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Overview map

Hidden Carrot Hunt is an achievement that involves finding hidden carrots around Brightwater Inlet while on a Springer mount. You must complete the Carrot Collector achievement to unlock this one.


Hidden Carrot Hunt Desert Highlands 6Achievement points
Use your springer to find and collect carrots in the Brightwater Inlet.Someone from Highjump Ranch has hidden carrots. Find them to win the game.
Prerequisite: Carrot Collector

  • Brightwater Inlet 01
  • Brightwater Inlet 02
  • Brightwater Inlet 03
  • Brightwater Inlet 04
  • Brightwater Inlet 05
  • Brightwater Inlet 06
  • Brightwater Inlet 07
  • Brightwater Inlet 08
  • Brightwater Inlet 09
  • Brightwater Inlet 10
Found 1 Carrot 1Achievement points
Found 5 Carrots 2Achievement points
Found 10 Carrots 3Achievement points


# Objective Map Description
1 Brightwater Inlet 01 Hidden Carrot Hunt 1 map.jpg Northeast of the vista with Choya Scout, on a scarab-infested plateau.
2 Brightwater Inlet 02 Hidden Carrot Hunt 2 map.jpg Plateau with Elonian Skales, northeast of the mastery point.
3 Brightwater Inlet 03 Hidden Carrot Hunt 3 map.jpg Climb way up to the source of the waterfall at carrot 10. Turn right twice, the carrot is near a big tree around rock gazelles and lions.
4 Brightwater Inlet 04 Hidden Carrot Hunt 4 map.jpg Northwest near Brightwater Waypoint, between the palm trees.
5 Brightwater Inlet 05 Hidden Carrot Hunt 5 map.jpg Next to the tree, under the bendy bridge leading up to the choya camp. Head west from the waypoint, past the vista, until you come to the bridge.
6 Brightwater Inlet 06 Hidden Carrot Hunt 6 map.jpg On the ledge among the harpies, to the North West of the vista with the Choya Scout.
7 Brightwater Inlet 07 Hidden Carrot Hunt 7 map.jpg In the bandit camp, near the Bag of Shinies.
8 Brightwater Inlet 08 Hidden Carrot Hunt 8 map.jpg North of "at" letters of the "Brightwater Inlet" on map. Just below the wooden racing bridge. Veteran Warthog spawns next to it.
9 Brightwater Inlet 09 Hidden Carrot Hunt 9 map.jpg Beneath the mastery point, on ground level.
10 Brightwater Inlet 10 Hidden Carrot Hunt 10 map.jpg Near the strawberry patch in the Choya camp. Follow the water north of Pricklepatch Hollow.


  • The carrots are physically visible items, but their names do not show up as interactive objects. You must be on a Springer to pick them up.