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Desert Highlands Insight: Above the Flats

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Desert Highlands Insight: Above the Flats

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Salt Flats
(Desert Highlands)
Mastery Insight
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Route beginning on the ground beneath

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Desert Highlands Insight: Above the Flats is a mastery insight in the Desert Highlands.


Crystal Desert

Getting there[edit]

You will need the Jackal mount with the Shifting Sands mastery unlocked.

Head north-west from Waypoint (map icon).png Makali Outpost Waypoint or north-east from Waypoint (map icon).png Brightwater Waypoint to reach the ground-level area just below the mastery insight. Now, head west and go through the sand portal against the foot of the cliff. It will take you to the top of this cliff, onto a plateau with Jacarandas. There is a second sand portal above a ledge, northeast beyond a nearby bridge (north from the Griffon Roost if you have the griffon collections unlocked) - using this one takes you onto a path of shifting sand, far above the Salt Flats. Follow the paths carefully and traverse two further sand portals to reach the mastery insight on a floating structure.

There is a chest here in addition to the "Night Lights" achievement if you visited at night - for this, simply walk to the western edge. There is a little platform there to mark it.

Alternatively, it's possible to access the area using the Griffon. Make your way to Altar of Dakhma point of interest, southeast of Waypoint (map icon).png Derelict Delve Waypoint. You will find the highest point of the area up the stairs in the northwest, past several Veteran Owl Griffons. From here you can fly a straight line towards the mastery insight. Reaching the area requires no further mastery of the mount, and can be done using the Griffon from the Griffon Roost located in Brightwater Inlet.

Another way is to have another player as a Mesmer use Portal Entre coupled with Mimic and a Jackal with Shifting Sands Mastery to reach the top.
The ledges just north ofPoint of interest (map icon).pngNimbose Butte are close enough to the Jackal Sand Road above the flats for this to work. The Mesmer with the Jackal uses the Sand Portal to the north to access the Jackal Sand Road. Once on the Jackal Sand Road above the ledge where the other player is the Mesmer then casts Portal Entre and glides down to the ledge. Upon safely landing the Mesmer then casts Mimic followed by Portal Exeunt. Your character goes through the portal where you will be on the Jackal sand road. The Mesmer then casts Portal Entre and using their Jackal follows the Jackal Sand Road up to the floating structure and casts Portal Exeunt which allows the other player to reach the structure.
Also using Teleport to Friend can be used provided that you are in a party with another player that is already on the floating platform.

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