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Carrot Collector

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Overview map (Tasty Carrots in red, Tasty Golden Carrots in orange)

Carrot Collector is an achievement that involves finding Tasty Carrot and Tasty Golden Carrot scattered around Highjump Ranch. Completing this achievement unlocks Hidden Carrot Hunt.


Carrot Collector Desert Highlands 5Achievement points
Search Highjump Ranch for carrots to help Unja and her springers.
  • Near river rapids. (1)
  • On the far side of a western rock tower. (2)
  • East of a broken bridge. (3)
  • West of a broken bridge. (4)
  • Lying in the shade on an island. (5)
  • Up on a rock flanked by two rivers. (6)
  • Near a natural bridge. (7)
  • Along a path between two rock faces. (8)
  • Near a natural archway. (9)
  • In a grove in the eastern Uplands. (10)
  • Along an eastern Uplands cliff. (11)
  • Below the stables. (12)
  • Northeast of a riverside butte. (13)
  • At a bend in the river. (14)
  • Between two southerly rocks. (15)
  • East of a riverside butte. (16)
  • Within the stables. (17)
  • In a small cave frequented by warthogs. (18)
  • At the base of a towering waterfall. (19)
  • Among tents staked above the stables. (20)
  • Elevated along the northern cliffs. (21)
  • Behind the blacksmith's tent. (22)
  • Near a small eastern fishing bridge. (23)
  • Way up in the northeast. (24)
  • Tucked away among crops. (25)
  • A golden carrot on a cliff overlooking the stables. (1)
  • A golden carrot looking down on a broken bridge. (2)
  • A golden carrot high up on a riverside butte. (3)
  • A golden carrot by a windmill with a view. (4)
  • A golden carrot on a rock tower near a bridge. (5)
  • A golden carrot lying a few short steps from mastery. (6)
  • A golden carrot on the thatched stable roof. (7)
  • A golden carrot at the mouth of a towering waterfall. (8)
Found 33 Carrots 5Achievement points


  • Many of the carrots require the use of a Springer to reach.

Objective Map Notes