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Carrot Collector

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Carrot Collector is an achievement that involves finding Tasty Carrot and Tasty Golden Carrot scattered around Highjump Ranch. Completing this achievement unlocks Hidden Carrot Hunt.


Carrot Collector Desert Highlands 5Achievement points
Search Highjump Ranch for carrots to help Unja and her springers.
Found 33 Carrots 5Achievement points


  • Many of the carrots require the use of a Springer to reach.
# Map Hint Description
1 Carrot Collector 1 map.jpg Near river rapids. Directly west of the waypoint, along northern river of Highjump Ranch
2 Carrot Collector 2 map.jpg On the far side of a western rock tower. Behind a large rock tower, west from the vista, facing the large clearing leading to the Stampede Uplands.
3 East of a broken bridge.
4 West of a broken bridge.
5 Carrot-Collector-5-map.jpg Lying in the shade on an island. Southwest of the waypoint, on island near bridge. Use Springer to hop up.
6 Carrot Collector 6 map.jpg Up on a rock flanked by two rivers. Directly West of the waypoint.
7 Carrot Collector 7 map.jpg Near a natural bridge.
8 Carrot Collector 8 map.jpg Along a path between two rock faces. Directly west of the waypoint, very near the vista.
9 Carrot Collector 9 map.jpg Near a natural archway.
10 Carrot Collector 10 map.jpg In a grove in the western Uplands. Despite what the hint says, the carrot is south of the heart icon, around the same distance between waypoint and heart icon.
11 Carrot Collector 11 map.jpg Along an eastern Uplands cliff. South and a little East of the heart, on a low ledge. There is a second pass above the sandlion den, south of Highjump Gap, which leads to this carrot.
12 Below the stables.
13 Carrot Collector 16 map.jpg Northeast of a riverside butte.
14 Carrot Collector 14 map.jpg At a bend in the river. Found at the bend of the river, directly south of the vista, where the river takes southeastern turn.
15 Carrot Collector 15 map.jpg Between two southerly rocks. Head south from the waypoint and slightly west past the buttes. You'll see two boulders that the carrot is between.
16 Carrot Collector 16 map.jpg East of a riverside butte. On the ground next to the cliff, just North of Carrot #15.
17 Within the stables
18 Carrot Collector 18 map.jpg In a small cave frequented by warthogs. Next to stream, just South of Wayment Seep PoI. A small cave with Veteran Warthog.
19 Carrot Collector 19 map.jpg At the base of a towering waterfall.
20 Carrot Collector 20 map.jpg Among tents staked above the stables.
21 Carrot Collector 21 map.jpg Elevated along the northern cliffs. Due north of the heart.
22 Carrot Collector 22 map.jpg Behind the blacksmith's tent. East of the waypoint
23 Carrot Collector 23 map.jpg Near a small eastern fishing bridge. From the Radiant Falls POI, follow the river South to a small fishing village.
24 Carrot Collector 24 map.jpg Way up in the northeast.
25 Carrot Collector 25 map.jpg Tucked away among crops. North of the waypoint.
1 (26) Carrot Collector 26 map.jpg A golden carrot on a cliff overlooking the stables. Atop a large rock formation, one platform below the Contact Point.
2 (27) Carrot Collector 27 map.jpg A golden carrot looking down on a broken bridge. The broken bridge is the one you need the raptor to cross to get to the heart vendor. This one is easiest to get to with Springer mastery 3 High Vault
3 (28) Carrotcollector 28 map.jpg A golden carrot high up on a riverside butte. This is located southwest of the renown heart, at the peak of the butte above Carrot #15.
4 (29) Carrot Collector 29 map.jpg A golden carrot by a windmill with a view. West of the waypoint, use the springer to jump up to the vista.
5 (30) Carrot Collector 30 map.jpg A golden carrot on a rock tower near a bridge. At a tall rock structure, southwest of the vista.
6 (31) A golden carrot lying a few short steps from mastery. On a small rock structure directly behind the waypoint.
7 (32) Carrot Collector 32 map.jpg A golden carrot on the thatched stable roof. Found at the roof above Stablemaster Unja, tucked in a corner.
8 (33) Carrot Collector 33 map.jpg A golden carrot at the mouth of a towering waterfall. Atop the largest waterfall at the ranch, above Wayment Seep. Accessed by following the road north from the waypoint, then jumping on top of the platforms until you reach the top.