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Desert Highlands Insight: Discarded Vessels

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Desert Highlands Insight: Discarded Vessels

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Desert Highlands Insight: Discarded Vessels is a mastery insight in the Desert Highlands.


Crystal Desert

Getting there[edit]

You will need the Skimmer with the Ride The Wind mastery unlocked and the Jackal with the Shifting Sands mastery unlocked.

Head west from Waypoint (map icon).png Brightwater Waypoint towards the Point of interest (map icon).png Discarded Vessels point of interest. Use your skimmer to float into the big vessel below the point of interest and up to the pedestal with the lost dwarven chest. Then jump on your Jackal and blink through the Sand Portal in front of you to reach the mastery insight. Double-tap space bar to make the jump.

Alternatively, if the Ride the Wind mastery is not unlocked, rapidly mounting, dismounting, and holding forward in a certain edge of the pedestal close to the entrance will also work. This method is tricky and may require multiple tries.

A third method is to use Bond of Faith while on your Skimmer about halfway between the wall and the platform, which should land you right on top of the platform.

For the fourth method to get to the platform, you need a Skiff. Call it and drop on it from your Skimmer or board it from the water, then call your Springer and jump to the platform. Proceed as stated above.

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