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Springer Backpacking

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Springer Backpacking is a Desert Highlands achievement to gain a Mastery Point.

After unlocking the Springer mount, you will receive a mail from Stablemaster Unja asking you to help some local traders.


Springer Backpacking Desert Highlands Path of Fire mastery point 5Achievement points
Take your springer out to help those in need, and gain tasty treats for your springer as a reward.
Prerequisite: Fleet of Foot

Collected 12 Springer Treats 5Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Collectible Type Subtype Map Notes

Mail from Unja[edit]

Upon unlocking the Springer


Stablemaster Unja


Congrats on earning your springer! You must be so excited! Now that you've got one of your very own, maybe you could help some other folks. The traders might need a hand.

Come see me first, though. I've got a treat for your new mount!


Upon completion of Springer Backpacking



Great job!

Trader Berjas told me you were able to help our traders. Thank you so much! Trading is so important to the ranch. If we didn't give them the supplies we promised, they would have been pretty upset with us.

Hop by any time to purchase more springer treats.