Defend your supply caravan

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Defend your supply caravan

Blue Borderlands
Green Borderlands
Red Borderlands
Eternal Battlegrounds
Event type
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Dynamic event
Defend your supply caravan is a level 80 event that occurs in any area in WvW near allied supply caravans.


  • Supply Caravan
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  • This event begins at supply camps with the spawning of Pack Dolyaks and ends at nearby towers or keeps as it drops off supply.
  • If a supply camp has the Hire Caravan Guard structural upgrade, a level 80 Veteran Guard and Veteran Scout will also spawn to escort the Pack Dolyak. If the supply camp also has the Strengthen Guards upgrade, the guard and scout will be level 82 instead.
  • Players can earn credit toward this event by:
  1. Healing caravan NPCs or giving them boons.
  2. Killing enemy players that approach the caravan.
  3. Staying within a certain range of the caravan over a period of time.


  • Successfully completing this event progresses the A Pack Dolyak's Best Friend achievement.
  • This event no longer gives any reward due to abuse. Large numbers of players, including many bots, would do nothing but walk back and forth with caravans that were in no danger for consistent rewards.
  • It has been said that players can still be rewarded with guild influence for completing this event.