Defend this land for your world

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Defend this land for your world is a level 80 dynamic event that occurs in World versus World maps at Sentry posts that your server controls.


  • Control Point
  • Event bar empty2.jpg Event flag red.png



This event cannot be completed, it can only fail. Failure occurs when an opposing server succeeds with Event Sentry (map icon).png Claim this land for your world (80) event, which occurs at the same location and involves the same Veteran Guard (or other Veteran NPCs inthe case of the Edge of the Mists). The opposing server will succeed with that event if they manages to kill the Veteran Guard at the Sentry post and then capture the control point which spawns instantly if the Veteran Guard dies. If this happens, your server will lose control over the Guard post.

The capture point cannot be claimed by the server who currently owns the Sentry, it can only be brought to 0%. If the opposing servers fail to bring the control point to 100% within ~3 minutes after killing the Veteran Guard, the veteran Guard will respawn and the capture point will disappear. If this happens, the opposing servers who participated in the event will get the "Event failed" message and reward, but the server who defended the Sentry will get no reward at all.



  • Veteran Guard (except for Edge of the Mists)
  • <Veteran NPCs> related to that location (Edge of the Mists only)