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Claim this land for your world is a level 80 event that occurs on supply routes held by an opposing server in World versus World. It is a short event that requires the player to kill a level 80 Veteran Guard at a sentry post. Killing the guard will spawn a control point for player to claim. If the control point is successfully claimed, the event is completed. However, the event will fail if the control point is not claimed quickly enough (~3 minutes). If this happens, a new guard will spawn and the event can be reattempted.


  • Control Point
  • Event bar empty2.jpg Event flag green.png




  • Veteran Guard (except for Edge of the Mists)
  • <Veteran NPCs> related to that location (Edge of the Mists only)]


  • Simply stepping onto the control point for about one second is enough to get gold contribution for this event, even if you have not dealt any damage whatsoever to the Veteran Guard. It is possible, however, to get a lower contribution level than gold if you kill the guard, the guard respawns, and your teammates kill the guard and claim the guard post.

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