Inferno Hound

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Inferno Hound

Effect type
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Assumed the form of a powerful entity.

— In-game description

Inferno Hound is a transformation given from the Inferno Eggs in the fire keep in the Desert Borderlands and requires 1 Shrine of Fire to activate. It lasts for 15 minutes.


# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Inferno Claws.png Inferno Claws 0.5½ Attack with both claws, unleashing three fiery projectiles with each swipe.
2 Fiery Leap.png Fiery Leap 10.25¼ 12 Leap toward your target and crash into the ground, unleashing fiery projectiles in every direction. After traveling a fixed distance, the projectiles will boomerang back to you.
3 Smoke Form.png Smoke Form 20 Morph into an invulnerable, vaporous cloud for a brief time.
6 Return.png Return 2 End the transformation and return to your true form.



  • Grants 3 stacks of pulsing stability for 3 seconds.
    • Some traits such as Altruistic Healing don't work with the stability provided by this transformation.
  • Cannot dodge while using Inferno Claws.
  • This transformation's appearance is the same as the Hounds of Balthazar.
  • Kills while under this effect count toward the Hammer Master achievement.