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Demmi Beetlestone


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Demmi's Order of Whispers Outfit

I'm tired of being someone else's pawn. I can't live like that. It's time to stop running.

Demmi Beetlestone

Demmi Beetlestone is the daughter of Legate Minister Lord Caudecus Beetlestone, a highly influential member in the Ministry. Her mother was Lady Wi's cousin. Having discovered her father's troubling ties to unsavory elements within Kryta, Demmi decides to forge her own path no matter the cost.


Early years[edit]

Demmi Beetlestone was born to the influential Beetlestone family in Kryta and lived in Caudecus's Manor. Her parents were Lady Wi's cousin and Minister Caudecus, and the necklace from her mother became one of Demmi's most treasured possessions. When Demmi's mother left the manor and was ostensibly killed by bandits before Ministry Commander Landon could bring her back, Lady Wi stepped in as godmother and helped raise Demmi the best she could.

Although she lived a sheltered life, Demmi became well versed in the kingdom's politics by observing her father and his many guests over the years. She was close to the Wi family and befriended their daughter, Lady Valette Wi. Caudecus himself was often busy with matters in the Ministry and elsewhere, dedicating more time to politics than his family.

Personal story[edit]

In 1325 AE, Demmi was getting upset that her father was hiding things from her and made him promise that there would be no more secrets between them. However, she discovered that Caudecus had broken his promise when she found armaments and unfamiliar brutes in the manor's cellar as well as accusatory letters from her late mother. She began doubting the story Caudecus had told her of her mother's death and wondered if Caudecus had actually had a hand in the mother's untimely demise. Realizing she could no longer stay home, she wrote a letter addressed to her father before fleeing the estate and seeking out those who could protect her from him.[1]

Demmi contacted the Order of Whispers in Divinity's Reach and offered them detailed information about Caudecus's shady deals in exchange for the Order's protection. The Order assigned Benn Tenstrikes as her escort, and Benn briefly taught her how to handle a rifle, only for her to nearly shoot his ear off. However, Caudecus learned of the plan. Unbeknownst to Demmi, he could find her location via a tracking enchantment he had placed in her mother's necklace which she was wearing. Benn was ambushed by the Ministry Guard, and Landon locked up Demmi. However, Demmi eventually managed to gather enough courage to escape and eluded her pursuers, venturing deeper into the countryside. Before she could be tracked down, the Order of Whispers lost contact with her somewhere between Divinity's Reach and Applenook Hamlet.[2] Realizing how valuable the intel Demmi held could be, the Master of Whispers sent Lightbringer Tybalt Leftpaw and an Initiate on a mission to locate Lady Beetlestone and escort her to a safehouse in Lion's Arch.

While looking for clues, the two agents discovered that Demmi had been captured by the Jackdaw Pirates and held for ransom to the Ministry Guard who had been sent to bring her back by force if necessary. Tybalt and the Initiate disguised themselves as pirates and rescued Demmi who was not impressed by their improvised plan and appearance. Although Demmi showed surprise at a charr like Tybalt helping a human like her, a talk with the Initiate made her trust the pair. She refused to divulge what she knew about her father until she would be safe, however, as she believed the Order of Whispers would not abandon her as long as she held information they wanted.

After reaching Lion's Arch, they met with Lady Wi, who turned out to be an undercover Whispers agent, and discovered the tracking enchantment on Demmi's necklace. Realizing that Demmi would not be safe in Lion's Arch for long, Lady Wi arranged for Demmi to be escorted to the Chantry of Secrets beyond Caudecus's reach. Demmi managed to barely elude Landon while fleeing from Lion's Arch as Tybalt and the Initiate kept the pursuers occupied.

Upon reaching Stormbluff Isle, however, Demmi had had enough of Landon pursuing her. She decided to make a stand with Tybalt and the Initiate and face Landon head on to send a clear message to her father that he could not manipulate her anymore. While setting up the trap, Tybalt gifted Demmi with his rifle. As expected, Landon showed up soon after and tried to goad Demmi to return with him, only to witness Lady Beetlestone refusing him. Although Landon's men were close to overwhelming the trio, more Order of Whispers agents showed up and turned the tide, and Landon met his demise at Demmi's hands. Finally free, Demmi decided to join the Order of Whispers and become a real operative so she could aid not only Kryta but the whole world against threats such as Caudecus and the Elder Dragons.

After being initiated into the Order of Whispers, Demmi studied under Preceptor Valenze and found her calling as an analyst, putting her political knowledge to good use although she also thought of becoming a spy in Lion's Arch like her fellow operative Riel Darkwater was. She later learned of Tybalt's demise in the Battle of Claw Island against Zhaitan's Risen minions and mourned her fellow operative and friend's loss. When the Order of Whispers began looking for allies to retake Claw Island, Demmi suggested that they liberate Benn Tenstrikes, whom the Ministry Guard had taken captive for refusing to divulge Demmi's current location, and recruit his mercenaries for the assault on Zhaitan's forces.

However, the Risen unexpectedly diverted forces from assaulting Lion's Arch and targeted the headquarters of the three Orders of Tyria instead. When the dragon minions invaded the Chantry of Secrets, Demmi assisted Trahearne and the Initiate, who had been promoted to Lightbringer, in fighting through the defenses and Risen, and applied the knowledge Tybalt had taught her to override the defenses to let them reach the trapped people inside. They rescued the Preceptors and the Master of Whispers whose identity was revealed as Riel Darkwater. The Risen were driven back after most of the invaders had been buried by carefully set explosions and Admiral Feiste Bakkir, the Risen commander leading the assault, had been defeated.

Shortly after saving the Chantry of Secrets, the Order of Whispers joined forces not only with the allies they had gathered earlier but with the other two Orders—Durmand Priory and the Vigil—as they assaulted and liberated Claw Island from Zhaitan's control. Demmi stayed behind in the Chantry to assist in the war effort from the home front while Trahearne formed the Pact and led a successful assault on Orr which culminated in Zhaitan's defeat.

Living World Season 3[edit]

After having spent years trapped in the Royal Palace as Queen Jennah's "guest" since the Separatist assault on Caudecus's Manor, Caudecus fled from the palace and publicly revealing himself as the current Confessor of the White Mantle. He incited his Krytan supporters and remaining centaur allies in an insurrection against the crown, which culminated in the Siege of Divinity's Reach in 1330 AE. However, the campaign was short-lived when the combined forces of the Shining Blade, Logan Thackeray's Seraph and Legionnaire Nylia Steelpaw's warband successfully defended the Krytan capital and eventually pushed Caudecus's forces back at Lake Doric with the help of the Pact Commander.

Caudecus retreated to his manor where he and his remaining White Mantle captured a Shining Blade infiltration squad led by Canach, torturing and killing most members while succumbing to the addictive and strengthening effects of Bloodstone Dust which they had been consuming. When Canach's squad had not returned in time, another infiltration force was sent to the manor, this time including Countess Anise, the Pact Commander, and Demmi who knew a hidden passage into her former home which would give the party an element of surprise.

Although Anise questioned whether Demmi would ultimately be loyal to the Order of Whispers or Caudecus should she be forced to choose sides, Demmi remained steadfast in helping the group rescue Canach from the hands of torturers and also asked to be given a chance to talk to Caudecus's ally, Lady Valette Wi, in hopes of making her abandon the White Mantle's lost cause. After saving Canach, the group found Caudecus who was already in the process of succumbing to the effects of Bloodstone dust. The now deranged Confessor, accompanied by Valette, was furious at Demmi's betrayal of the family. He announced that Demmi was dead to him and revealed his involvement in the murder of Demmi's mother, furthering Demmi's resolve to stop him.

During the clash Demmi tried to reason with Valette, but Caudecus rebuked her and claimed that Valette was his daughter now. The Confessor was eventually weakened from the fighting but before he could be apprehended, he shot Demmi in the chest with a Bloodstone bullet and fled through a secret passage while claiming that he would see her and his wife again in the Mists. The act was enough to make Valette rush to the gravely wounded Demmi who urged her to help the group stop Caudecus so he could not poison any more lives ever again.

While the group headed down to the hidden sanctum to face the Confessor one last time, Logan made the Seraph search the manor for remaining White Mantle and stayed with Demmi while arranging for a medic to look after her. By the time the group had defeated Caudecus and returned to the manor, Demmi had been asking for Valette. Before the pair could exchange words, however, Demmi suddenly claimed to see Tybalt who had found her before she finally succumbed to her injuries. Her body was taken back to her godparents who arranged her funeral.



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Personal story[edit]

Living World Season 3[edit]


After An Apple a Day
Hey, it's <Character name>. How are you? Valenze has been teaching me things. She's a brilliant political analyst, and one day, I'm going to follow in her footsteps.
Talk end option tango.png Good luck.
After The Battle of Claw Island
Good to see you again, <Character name>. I wish you'd visit more often. This place is too quiet without Tybalt.
Talk end option tango.png Chin up. We have plenty to take our minds off it.


That was... something.
I have so much to do.
Speak quickly.
Oh, I didn't see you there.
Responsibility isn't easy.



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  1. ^ Master of Puppets Demmi Beetlestone: Father, You promised. You promised there would be no more secrets between us. How then, do you explain what I found in the basement? The weapons? The unsavory-looking brutes? And these letters from Mother? What did she learn that made her say these things? Is that why she left? If you hadn't driven her away, these bandits never would've found her, and she'd still be alive! By the Six, I'm not even sure it WAS the bandits that killed her. Was it you? Is that why Landon was the one to find her? Was it you all along, Father? I'm leaving. For good this time. I know people who can protect me from a monster like you. From everything you are. From everything you've done. You'll never hurt me again. —Demmi
  2. ^ Stealing Secrets
    Lightbringer Tybalt Leftpaw: Here's where it gets interesting. Minister Caudecus's daughter, Demmi, contacted the Order of Whispers. Apparently there's trouble at home.
    Lightbringer Tybalt Leftpaw: Demmi Beetlestone is offering detailed information about her father's shady deals in exchange for asylum among the order.
    Lightbringer Tybalt Leftpaw: Trouble is, the order lost contact with Demmi between Divinity's Reach and Applenook Hamlet. Our job is to track her down.