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Update - April 1, 2018[edit]

World Polish[edit]

  • Living World episodes are now sorted alphabetically in the Hero Panel.
  • The city of Lion's Arch has been renamed Lobster's Arch.


  • Log in between March 30, 2018 and March 31, 2018 to receive a complimentary Temporal Displacement Device.
  • Added a "Delete Browsing History" button to the Black Lion Trading Post.
  • Fixed a scaling bug that made asura too large.
  • For performance reasons, all chair models have been removed from the game.
  • Added the words "Praise" and "Joko" to the profanity filter.


  • Globs of Ectoplasm can now be consumed to give players a ghostly purple effect for a short time.
  • Combining any four items in the Mystic Forge has an extremely rare chance to return a Quantum Communicator. Using this item will call the cell phone of one random developer.


  • Players must now fight each other at the end of every fractal. The last player standing gets all the rewards.
  • Added new fractals, including Seirpinski triangles, Mandelbrot sets, Collatz fractals, and Julia and Fatou sets.


  • Added the "Social Awkwardness" instability as a new Challenge Mode option on all raid bosses.
  • To conform to the Tyrian calendar, the weekly reset now occurs every 8 days.

Word vs. World[edit]

  • The borders between worlds are now an epic battle of musical chairs.

Structured Player vs. Player[edit]

  • Losing any match in PvP now awards a Thimble of Salt.
  • Players can combine 250 Thimbles of Salt into a Vial of Salt.

Player Skills[edit]


  • Elementalists can now access a new elemental attunement: Candy!
  • Elementalists have been given additional ability slots and hotkey options to allow them to use more of their skills without needing to swap elemental attunements.


  • Necromancers now receive a 50% power increase in all cemeteries, crypts, and mausoleums.


  • We think some issues may have been resolved as part of fixes for other professions.
  • Rangers can now tame their very own Juvenile Legendary Bloodstone-Enhanced Purebred Fancy Cat by interacting with the litter of fancy kittens located near Lady Wisteria Whiskington.
  • For obvious reasons, Beastmode is not encouraged with this pet.
  • Killing wild animals now results in rngers losing karma.


  • Drinking too many elixirs will now inflict the Nausea condition and force the use of the Regurgitate skill.
  • Engineers must now complete at least a bachelor's degree to reach level 80.


  • The maximum range for the Deadeye specialization has been increased to 30,000 to better reflect reality.


  • Certain shouts have been renamed to be more positive.



  • Revenant skills can now only be used in the Mists.
  • Renegade skills which summon various charr allies will now instead summon a random charr player to your location.
  • Added a new Legendary Monarch of All stance, allowing revenants to channel the powers of Palawa Kitten. This new stance grants access to a new type of "Kitten" skills.