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Defeat the grand champion ooze!

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Defeat the grand champion ooze!

Interactive map

Interactive map

Defeat the grand champion ooze! is a level 80 group event that occurs in The Ooze Pit during the The Ooze Pit Trials meta event. This is the last part of the meta event which occurs after all other legion trials are completed.


  • Champion Prismatic Ooze
  • Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • Time limit: 10:00
  • Cover vents to build up pressure and unclog the pipe. Pressure only build when all vents are covered.
  • Vents covered: 0/5 / 0/7
  • Vent pressure level:
  • Event bar empty2.jpg
  • Defeat the subdivided globs of the grand champion.
  • Subdivided oozes defeated: 0/3


The Champion Prismatic Ooze spawns in the middle of the colosseum and needs to be damaged until it has 75% of its health left. Then it will split into 3 Elite Prismatic Oozes in each of the colosseum's sections which are now filled with Toxic Oozes. It is advised to return to the section of your chosen Legion to evenly distribute the players. Once the Prismatic Oozes are defeated players will need to stand on vents marked on the ground while being attacked by spawning devourers until the vent pressure level is high enough to unclog the pipes. The grand champion ooze will return to the middle of the arena with 50% health left. During the fight, the Champion ooze will become immunized to two of the three toxins, each of them with different color – Red Toxin Well (overhead icon).png Red, Blue Toxin Well (overhead icon).png Blue, and Green Toxin Well (overhead icon).png Green. There are also spawned pools of poison across the arena with same colors. To damage the immunized ooze you have to wear Effect with the same color as the ooze's current effect:

Once its healthbar is reduced to 35% it will split into the 3 sections again, this time into Elite Immunized Green Ooze, Elite Immunized Blue Ooze and Elite Immunized Red Ooze. You will need to acquire the respective effect by walking into the poison fields on the ground to damage the elite oozes. If all 3 are defeated another set of elite immunized oozes will spawn at the same locations as before. Be sure to reacquire the toxin effect to damage the second ooze because these oozes have to be killed before the radius marker below them fills out as they will split into multiple oozes that need to be killed if you fail to defeat it in time. Once all of the elite oozes are killed the grand champion ooze will be defeated.





Event start
Gusta Wildfang: The Grand Champion Ooze is unforgiving. Don't let your brothers and sisters slack off down there!
During event
Gusta Wildfang: Blasted pipe's clogged again. Iron! Let's see if you were paying attention.
Gusta Wildfang: Seems the grand champion picked up some resistance. Fire up those poison fields!
Gusta Wildfang: There– Fields active! You're up, Blood, make me proud!
Gusta Wildfang: Come on, don't lose to the ooze!
Gusta Wildfang: It's self-destructing! No cover in sight. Ash knows the drill...I hope.
Event success
Gusta Wildfang: Had my doubts about you. Glad you proved me wrong.
Gusta Wildfang: Huh.
Gusta Wildfang: Well done, gladia! Never forget: what almost kills you makes you stronger. Your new warbands will be lucky to have you.
Gusta Wildfang: Can we get some skritt in here to clean up this mess? Don't worry, the trials will run again soon.
Event failure
Gusta Wildfang: That was such a disaster, I'm embarassed for you. Your skills need work...but let's give it another go later.

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