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Defeat the creature called from the Ooze Pit

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Defeat the creature called from the Ooze Pit

Interactive map

Interactive map

Defeat the creature called from the Ooze Pit is a level 80 group event that occurs in the Ooze Pit.


  • Elite Yellow Ooze
  • Event bar.jpg
    Event boss (tango icon).png
  • Time limit: x:xx


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 26,670
378 Karma.png 88 Copper coin
Silver 20,003
284 Karma.png 66 Copper coin
Bronze 13,335
189 Karma.png 44 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 80 player.


Having failed to complete all the trials, it should be relatively simple to destroy the Elite Ooze that shows up in place of the real champion.





Gusta Wildfang: Disappointed is an understatement. No wonder you lost your warband.
Gusta Wildfang: I believe in second chances. Let's see if you can take down a lesser enemy.
Event success
Gusta Wildfang: Where was that energy earlier? See what happens when you bad together! One charr!
Event failure
In either case, afterwards
Gusta Wildfang: Can we get some skritt in here to clean up this mess? Don't worry, the trials will run again soon.


  • You will not receive a Blood Legion Key for completing the meta event in this manner.