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Sken is a cultural armorsmith located in The Great Lodge. He sells Tier 1 Cultural Armor which is exclusive for norn.


Shiverpeak Mountains


Item Type Level Cost
Sheepskin Circlet.png Sheepskin Circlet Light headgear 35 40 Silver coin
Sheepskin Mantle.png Sheepskin Mantle Light shoulders 35 40 Silver coin
Sheepskin Doublet.png Sheepskin Doublet Light chest 35 80 Silver coin
Sheepskin Gloves.png Sheepskin Gloves Light gloves 35 34 Silver coin
Sheepskin Leggings.png Sheepskin Leggings Light leggings 35 60 Silver coin
Sheepskin Shoes.png Sheepskin Shoes Light boots 35 34 Silver coin
Wolfborn Mask.png Wolfborn Mask Medium headgear 35 40 Silver coin
Wolfborn Shoulderpad.png Wolfborn Shoulderpad Medium shoulders 35 40 Silver coin
Wolfborn Vest.png Wolfborn Vest Medium chest 35 80 Silver coin
Wolfborn Bracers.png Wolfborn Bracers Medium gloves 35 34 Silver coin
Wolfborn Leggings.png Wolfborn Leggings Medium leggings 35 60 Silver coin
Wolfborn Boots.png Wolfborn Boots Medium boots 35 34 Silver coin
Dolyak Hounskull.png Dolyak Hounskull Heavy headgear 35 40 Silver coin
Dolyak Spaulders.png Dolyak Spaulders Heavy shoulders 35 40 Silver coin
Dolyak Mail.png Dolyak Mail Heavy chest 35 80 Silver coin
Dolyak Gauntlets.png Dolyak Gauntlets Heavy gloves 35 34 Silver coin
Dolyak Chausses.png Dolyak Chausses Heavy leggings 35 60 Silver coin
Dolyak Greaves.png Dolyak Greaves Heavy boots 35 34 Silver coin


If not norn
I like your pluck, little one, but this shop is for norn. I can't help you.
Talk end option tango.png I'm leaving.