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Eternal Alchemy of the Stars

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Eternal Alchemy of the Stars

Eternal Alchemy of the Stars is a book found in the Astralarium in the Domain of Istan. After it has been returned to its corresponding bookshelf in the library, its contents can be read by interacting with it.


Crystal Desert

Heart involvement[edit]

Complete heart (map icon).png
Help the cause of dissenting Astralarium scholars (80)


# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
Rush (boot icon).png
 Book It
15 You move faster!


Do you seek new meaning in the age-old quandaries of the Eternal Alchemy? Then look no further than the lens of your telescope! In his exciting literary debut, Pilkk explores the previously undiscovered connections between the Eternal Alchemy and the stars above. About the author:

A merchant by trade, Pilkk spent many a night in the Cursed Shores staring at the sky, pondering the Eternal Alchemy. His early studies at the Durmand Priory yielded few answers and greater questions, plaguing Pilkk day in and out. After years of unanswered questions, he turned his queries to the stars. Much to his surprise, they replied.

Despite controversy over Pilkk's qualifications, scholars and laypeople alike find his lines of inquiry both insightful and easy to understand. As a result of his studies, Pilkk was awarded the "Unexpected Brilliance" award by the Durmand Priory.


  • When interacted with on the bookshelf, it opens up a new book interface, a feature which was shipped with the Daybreak content release. The new book window is used for many (but not all) of the books found throughout Istan.

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