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Brandstone Impact Site

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List of possible brandstone impact sites

Brandstone Impact Sites are places around the Domain of Istan where you can mine Brandstone and Brandstone Chunks with the Brandstone Multitool. They appear about every 15 minutes and last for about 5 minutes. There's no map-wide notification but if you're standing near the top of the Astralarium by the waypoint, you may see and hear it coming through the sky and Scholar Fatima will announce its landing. Otherwise someone needs to mark it with the Brandstone Multitool for it to appear on the map.

Mining Buried Brandstones[edit]

To mine the brandstones, use your special action key to bring up the Brandstone Multitool skills and:

  • If you have it unlocked, use Impact Site Marker (skill 5), which will improve the rewards for everyone (up to tier 5) as well as marking the Brandstone on the world map for everyone else.
  • Use Brandstone Scan (skill 1) to show directional indicators which point to the hidden node - follow the direction they point and keep using skill 1 until you find a pillar of blue light.
  • When standing adjacent to the pillar of light, use Surface Brandstone (skill 2). This brings a Brandstone Chunk to the surface.
  • When the Brandstone Chunk appears, interact with it or use Extraction Beam (skill 3) to gain Kralkatite Ore, Powdered Rose Quartz and Rose Quartz.
    • If you haven't unlocked skill 3 yet, a mining pick will be used instead, but you will get worse rewards more frequently, particularly Dragonite Ore.

Mining Surface Brandstones[edit]

Brandstone Impact Site

Occasionally, a meteorite that lands in the Plains of Jarin will spawn a large targetable Brandstone on the surface along with the event Event star (tango icon).png Destroy the crystal encasing the Brandstone before it disintegrates (80). At this site, skills 1 and 2 will do nothing. Instead:

  • If you have it unlocked, use Impact Site Marker (skill 5) on the landing site.
  • Use Extraction Beam (skill 3) to mine it. This can be done 3 times per 25% hitpoints (of the Brandstone) until the Brandstone gives no more loot.
    • If you are too far from the Brandstone, you will have to approach it to pick up the loot from mining.
  • As the Brandstone reaches 75%, 50%, and 25% HP, crystal shells break off. At 0% HP, the last shell will break off, revealing the core, and leaving only a few seconds to mine the site if you have not already fully mined it.

Impact Site levels[edit]

  • The higher the level, the better the rewards, including Rose Quartz. Level can be increased by using Impact Site Marker (skill 5) by up to 5 people for maximum level 5.
Brandstone Impact Site Level 1.png Brandstone Impact Site Level 2.png Brandstone Impact Site Level 3.png Brandstone Impact Site Level 4.png Brandstone Impact Site Level 5.png
1 2 3 4 5


  • You can mine up to 30 Brandstone Impact Sites per day.