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Malomedies's Observational Tips

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Malomedies's Observational Tips

Malomedies's Observational Tips is a book found in the Astralarium in the Domain of Istan. After it has been returned to its corresponding bookshelf in the library, its contents can be read by interacting with it.


Crystal Desert

Heart involvement[edit]

Complete heart (map icon).png
Help the cause of dissenting Astralarium scholars (80)


# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
Rush (boot icon).png
 Book It
15 You move faster!


From the mind of Malomedies, master astronomer and mathematician, comes the ultimate collection of tips, tools, and tricks for stargazers new and old alike! Piecing together a lifetime's worth of research, Malomedies's students offer a rare glimpse into their master's brilliance through easy-to-digest lessons and dictums.

Are you a budding apprentice? A seasoned master? This collection has something for everyone.

Discover which materials are most appropriate in sun-viewing telescope lens filters, marvel at Malomedies's simple schema for interpreting binary and trinary star system alignments, and much more!


  • When interacted with on the bookshelf, it opens up a new book interface, a feature which was shipped with the Daybreak content release. The new book window is used for many (but not all) of the books found throughout Istan.
Appears as Melomedies's Observational Tips when seen on the ground.

Related achievements[edit]