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The Sunspear Creed

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The Sunspear Creed

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The Astralarium
(Domain of Istan)
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The Sunspear Creed in the Sanctum.

The Sunspear Creed is a book that can be found on a lectern in the center platform in the Library of Kormir. A copy can be found in the Sunspear base under The Astralarium.


Crystal Desert

Story involvement[edit]

Path of Fire story[edit]


The Sunspear Creed
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The Sunspears were born of a need to protect a nation. By joining this order, we declare our dedication to the people of Elona.
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We will defend Elona from every threat, whether large or small, martial, mystical, or supernatural. We will strike down foes and lift up allies. A Sunspear never fights alone.
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We will live in accordance with the eight virtues: valor, humility, honor, honesty, justice, compassion, sacrifice, and loyalty.
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We respect all but answer only to our own. We are the unbreakable wall to shelter the innocent, the unstoppable arrow to pierce the enemy, the unsuppressed voice of support and resistance.
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