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This page lists all the basic chests (named "Chest") that can be found through Tyria. For a list of reward chests, see chest. The content of these chests resets daily at 00:00 UTC.


  • Fireheart Rise
    • Apostate Wastes From Apostate Waypoint, head directly southwest past God's Hand Point of Interest (PoI), until you see a harpy nesting group. In between the two nests against the mountain side is a slope that leads up to the chest, guarded by a Veteran Matriarch Harpy.
    • Apostate Wastes, Eastern corner of the spider cove that is east of God's Skull PoI. The chest is near an area on the map that says "Vexa's Lab", up on a ledge. Guarded by a Veteran Canyon Spider that will appear when you get close.
    • Pig Iron Mine At the very top cliff, just before you begin the path for the Pig Iron Quarry Jump Puzzle. It is close to a friendly Grawl Priest.
    • Rebel's Seclusion Two chests are in here. Entrance to the zone is North from the Breaktooth's Waypoint. Go into the first entrance into the cliffs that you see Separatists guarding. At the first intersection, turn right. At the next fork, go right. Stay to the right until you see Ascalonian ghosts fighting Separatists. The first chest will be around the left hand corner right before the ghosts, guarded by normal mobs. Continue past the mob and then go left. Continue climbing up the slope until you see an Ascalonian Veteran standing in front of two small tents. It will be about as high up the slope as you can go. The second chest is inside the tent on the right. If you go part way back down the slope, you can jump off the side of the cliff onto a tall rock structure with ruins on it to access a Rich Platinum Vein.
  • Plains of Ashford
    • Barradin's Vaults In the third room of the Vaults. The chest is in an alcove on the back wall between the two sarcophagi. It is normally guarded by the second Veteran Red Ooze in the Vaults. If events are active then it will be guarded by Ascalonian ghosts.
    • Human's Lament Enter the cave by fighting 1-2 Veteran Cave Trolls, as if you were going to the vista. Instead of turning left to reach the vista, turn right. The room is full of Ascalonian ghosts, including a Veteran. The chest is behind the mob, towards the back of the room.
    • Windrock Maze The chest is not actually in Windrock Maze. It is in the Southern Part of this area. Head towards the Southeast entrance to Windrock Maze, but instead of going into the maze, run past it and continue down the canyon. At the end of the canyon is the chest with a few dead npc's scattered around it. A Veteran Ridgeback Skale will spawn to protect the chest once you are close.
    • The Toppled Wall From the Ascalonian Catacombs Waypoint, head Northwest to Sagum Relicseeker's Renown Heart. Head North towards the Toppled Wall and run up the stairs. You will see a Harpy nest on the first platform, but continue up the stairs. The chest is partially behind the first Harpy nest on the second platform.
  • Diessa Plateau
    • Reaper's Corridor From Redreave Mill Waypoint, head North to Reaper's Corridor. On the North side of the rocks is the way to climb most of the way to the top, then you will need to make two small jumps to reach the top of the plateau. The chest is at the top, guarded by a Veteran Rock Dog. There is a bunch of Taproots next to it that can be gathered.
  • Fields of Ruin
  • Blazeridge Steppes
    • Tumok's Last Stand From Soot Road Waypoint, travel South to the Drake Hollow PoI. The chest is at the center of the encampment, where there are three tents, though it is not inside the tent. It is guarded by a mob of Separatists and a Veteran Separatist Stormcaller.
    • Shattered Palisades From Guardian Stone Waypoint, head directly North. There will be a Branded Minotaur roaming around ruined stairs. Go to your left and up a small slope until you see a set of stairs on your right. Climb the stairs, there will be an Ascalonian Fighter at the top. Jump across on the platform next to it, you will see an Ascalonian Archer. Continue up the next set of stairs after the archer, where you will meet another Ascalonian Fighter. From that platform, look off the right hand ledge. You will see a big purple plant that is on another platform, drop down to that platform. Jump across to the next platform where you will find a Veteran Ascalonian Captain. The chest is on the same platform, around the corner from the Veteran. However, he can knockback so to avoid being thrown off the platform and starting over, defeat the Veteran before opening the chest.
    • InGenium Research Facility West end of the North chamber guarded by a Prototype Incinerator Golem.
  • Iron Marches
    • Echoslab Arches Head Northwest from the Echoslab Arches Vista. There will be some Flame Legion mobs and Flame Turrets, but the chest is guarded by a Veteran Flame Legion Lava Shaman.
    • Bloodfin Lake From Bloodfin Lake Waypoint, head Northeast towards the waterfall. Swim through the waterfall to find a Veteran Cave Troll who is guarding the chest.
    • Lake Desolann Near Spentlung Depth PoI (sunken chest, needs sunken key).


  • Gendarran Fields
  • Harathi Hinterlands
  • Queensdale
    • Altar's Windings From Vale Waypoint, head North up the road designated on the map. You will see a Harpy nesting ground. The road splits into two, go right. You will see all of the Harpy nests. Go to the end and inside the last nest is a chest, guarded by a Veteran Harpy Matriarch.
    • Altar Brook Vale North of Crossing Waypoint, you will see a cave guarded by several wolves. Inside is a chest, behind a tree at the back of the cave, guarded by a Veteran Den Mother.
    • Demongrub Pits: The entrance to Demongrub Pits northeast from the Righteous Hoofmoot PoI, against the cliff wall. See Demongrub Pits for an in-depth walkthrough and information on reaching the Grand Chest at the end of the jumping puzzle within this area.
      • When you first enter the cave, ignore the NPC and jump onto her platform. From there, make your way to a platform with walls covered in ivy. There may be some spiders there, and a Veteran Cave Spider may appear when you get close.
      • There's a second basic chest in the room with stone slabs balanced on pillars. Follow the path north until reaching what seems to be a caved-in mine entry, and go through a hole to the right of it to the cave were the second basic chest waits.
    • Orlaf Escarpments From Godslost Waypoint, head East to Orlaf Escarpments. Head through the valley in the middle and you will see wooden ramps, go up them to the top. There will be some Tamini to fight and two tents. The chest is in the larger tent, guarded by a Veteran Tamini Chieftain.
  • Southsun Cove
    • Southsun Shoals - On the crashed ship near the Pride Point Waypoint. A mini jumping puzzle around the ship will get you to the ship's deck where the chest is (No empyreal fragments).

Maguuma Jungle[edit]

Ruins of Orr[edit]

Sea of Sorrows[edit]

Shiverpeak Mountains[edit]

  • Dredgehaunt Cliffs
  • Timberline Falls
  • Wayfarer Foothills
    • Outcast's Cleft inside Alpenzure Cave
    • Kresdor Kenning Head north-northeast from the Waypoint (tango icon).png Grawlenfjord Waypoint, up the hill, past the camp, in a Jotun cave behind the tents. At the back of the cave is a platform with the chest.
    • The Osenfold Shear Fight your way through at least 6 Jotuns and 1 Veteran Jotun all the way to Haivoissen Kenning PoI (No empyreal fragments)
  • Frostgorge Sound
  • Lornar's Pass

Heart of Maguuma[edit]