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Dodge Instructor (map icon).png Dodge Instructors teach players how to dodge and thereby evade traps and attacks. They are located in each starting zone, marked by a yellow dodging man icon, next to a chest guarded by traps.


The chest contains a basic quality footwear item, which is dependent on the character's armor class.

Armor Class Item
Heavy Mighty Worn Chain Greaves
Medium Mighty Studded Boots
Light Mighty Country Boots

Dodge instructors[edit]

NPC Area Zone
Aelann Morgan's Spiral Caledon Forest
Corrcus Vengefur Lake Feritas Plains of Ashford
Daav Outcast's Cleft Wayfarer Foothills
Kai Training Grounds Seitung Province
Lucas Shaemoor Fields Queensdale
Motwitt Jeztar Falls Metrica Province


  • Dodge instructions are shown every time an instructor's dialogue window is closed using the dialogue end option.
  • The reward chests can be accessed once per character; upon visiting other locations, the chests will already be opened. The dodge icon on the map disappears after looting.