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Redeeming IG-6417

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Redeeming IG-6417 is an achievement that requires the Pact Commander to record heroic actions to teach IG-6417 morality.

The collection is not time gated, but it requires the player to complete each of the six categories in order (starting by rescuing innocents, then killing evil things, healing people, helping the needy, defending people, and finally returning stolen belongings).

To start this collection, go to Renown Heart (map icon).pngResearcher Thale in the Sandswept Isles and purchase at least 1 Recording Device. 21 Recording Devices are required to complete the collection; each one costs 5 Difluorite Crystal.pngDifluorite Crystals, for a total of 105 Difluorite Crystal.pngDifluorite Crystals. Each of the 21 events will consume one recording.


Only unlocked after completing Living World Season 4, Episode 2 A Bug in the System, Chapter 5 The Charge, Repairing IG-6417 and Rebooting IG-6417 achievements.

This achievement rewards items. Redeeming IG-6417 A Bug in the System 5Achievement points
Upload recordings to teach IG-6417 how to be heroicYou are who you choose to be.
Prerequisite: Rebooting IG-6417
Reward: Mark Y Golem.pngMark Y Golem

Collected 22 Items 5Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Collectible Type Subtype Zone Category Notes


  • A Recording Device must be present in the character's inventory when the relevant action is completed.
    • Placing the Recording Device in a Shared Inventory Slot will also work, but note that the game will not keep track of which recordings you have already obtained on one character while playing on another, which may result in wasted Devices if you repeat an action on an alt.
  • While the recordings can be obtained in any order, they must be uploaded to IG-6417 in a particular order. Records within the same category (see the table above) may be uploaded in any order, but each category must be uploaded in its entirety before moving on to the next one.
  • Since they must be delivered in a particular order, to avoid cluttering the inventory, the player may choose to purchase just enough Recording Devices for each category at a time (i.e., five for rescuing).
    • If attempting this approach, do remember that taking part in any successful event on the list that was still locked will consume the item, so make sure to check if there's enough Recording Devices before participating in the required event (for example, resurrecting ten NPCs while rescuing refugees or vanquishing an enemy could consume one Recording Device).