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Event merchants are merchants that are often only available at certain stages of an event, event chain or meta event. These temporary shops usually have small stocks of one or two items of all kinds, usually gear, recipes or consumables. Several recipes and collectibles are exclusively available through several of these merchants. Some of them are karma merchants that will offer their items in exchange for karma instead of coin.

The game's user interface will not indicate in any way if an event will follow up with a merchant or not, but certain actions of nearby NPCs will hint if something follows after an event. Here are some of the actions that hint of following events or rewards:

  • NPCs discuss their next course of action or ask nearby players for help.
  • NPCs run off to another location.
  • NPCs rebuild or repair nearby structures and objects.

Since some of these NPCs must wait for other events, NPC actions taken in a location, or must reach another location before setting up shop, it may take a while until the shop opens after an event.

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