Kalare the Intrepid

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Kalare the Intrepid is a merchant found in Devourer's Mouth. Sometimes she will ask players to clear out a cave to the north, pointing to Kill the rampaging skale event. When that event is in progress, she will not sell anything, when it completes she runs to the cave where the skale spawns, comes back to her regular point and is a merchant again.

Items offered[edit]

Item Type Rarity Level Cost
Devout Gloves.png Treasure Gloves Light gloves Fine 2 56 Copper coin
Rogue Gloves.png Treasure Bracers Medium gloves Fine 2 56 Copper coin
Militia Gauntlets.png Treasure Gauntlets Heavy gloves Fine 2 56 Copper coin


Treasure hunting is a trade, just like anything else. You work hard, and in the end, you get paid. Over the years I've gained a fortune in plunder. Want to take a look at my loot?
Talk Merchant.png Gladly.
Talk end option tango.png Maybe some other time.
During Kill the rampaging Skale
If you're after the treasure in that cave up there, be careful. I had a go at it, myself, but there's a rampaging skale making it difficult to get near it. I gave up. Maybe you'll have more luck"
Tick green.png Point me at it!
Talk end option tango.png I'll pass