Chef Aldis

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Chef Aldis


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Chef Aldis is a norn chef found in Kevach's Homestead who likes to use wurm eggs in her cooking. This sometimes causes Ice Wurms to attack the homestead, and after defending the lodge, she turns into a merchant for a short period of time.


Shiverpeak Mountains

Event involvement[edit]

Event boss (tango icon).png Join Osborn as he hunts a giant frost wurm (12)
Event collect (tango icon).png Gather wurm eggs from the cave and bring them to Aldis (12)
Event shield (tango icon).png Defend Kevach's lodge from attacking wurms (12)

Items offered[edit]

Item Type Rarity Cost
Bowl of Front Line Stew.png Bowl of Wurm Meat Stew Food Basic 32 Copper coin
Strip of Dolyak Jerky.png Strip of Venison Jerky Food Basic 64 Copper coin
Eggs Beetletun.png Moa Egg Omelet Food Basic 48 Copper coin
Poached Salmon Filet.png Poached Salmon Filet Food Basic 32 Copper coin


During the event Gather wurm eggs from the cave and bring them to Aldis
It's a wurm egg bounty! I'll get these. Find me some more and I'll make a meal that'll give you the strength to climb the Shiverpeaks.
Talk more option tango.pngTell me how I can help.
Look for wurm eggs in that cave. Grab what you find and bring them to me. I need to sort the ones I've already got.
Talk end option tango.png Understood.
Talk end option tango.png Gather your own eggs. I have other plans.
During the event Defend Kevach's lodge from attacking wurms
Those wurms sure made a mess. On the other hand, all these wurm bits will make a hearty stew.
Talk end option tango.png Sounds like an...acquired taste.
After the event Defend Kevach's lodge from attacking wurms
Bear's fur, what a mess! Still, waste not, want not. Hungry?
Talk more option tango.png Hungry? You must be joking
Those wurms might look like an inside-out dolyak, but I can make them the best thing you ever ate. Try some, friend!
Karma.png Fine, let me see a menu. (Opens the vendor tab with Bowl of Wurm Meat Stew)
Talk merchant tango.png What do you have that isn't wurm meat? (Opens the vendor tab with the other three meals.)
Talk end option tango.png Yuck! I'd rather eat my shoe. Good-bye!
Talk end option tango.pngNo, I'm good. Thanks