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Lorne is a sylvari found in the Zintl Holy Grounds.


Maguuma Jungle


I've been watching the undead for awhile now, and I'm concerned. No matter how many we kill, they continue to rise from the depths. Orr was a vast city, and we have learned that the dragon's followers have the ability to create more.
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You didn't think they're infinite, do you?
Infinite? Ventari's hooves, I hope not. That's the most terrifying thought I've ever had. No, I prefer to keep hope alive and believe that we will reach the end of them. It'll be a long row to hoe, however, and we must do all in our power to outlast them.
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What do you recommend we do?
It's heroes like you who will change the direction of the wind. At every turn, you fight the dragons and their minions. You are tenacious like the dogwood and dangerous like the cactus. You are already doing what must be done.
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Thank you.
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Yes, we must. Good-bye.
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I've noticed that too. Bye.