Chieftain Tlacela

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Chieftain Tlacela is the leader of the Bogotl tribe and the commander of the hylek forces protecting the Zintl Holy Grounds.


Maguuma Jungle


I am hardened. I have baked in Zintl's light, but it no longer softens me. I have seen so much death, too much slaughter. I am ready for this tragedy to be over.
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You've lost many of your tribe's warriors?
More than the survivors have fingers and toes. We are almost reduced to extinction. My tribe was once the greatest, the strongest, and the most handsome of this region. Now, we are shadows of ourselves. We cringe in fear and fight with desperation.
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Which tribe is yours?
The Bogotl tribe is my tribe. It has survived for thousands of years. I tell myself that we will continue to survive, an yet, this entire world is in danger. The dragons seek to consume it all, and we will be the meat in the soup.
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That's why we must stop them. Good luck.