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Children are young humans found mostly in the region of Kryta.



Child 1 in Divinity's Reach
My brother and I wanna go to a bar fight as[verification requested] the Busted Flagon, but our parents won't let us leave the garden by ourselves. I wanna see someone throw a chair!
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Stay out of trouble, kid.
Child 2 in Divinity's Reach
Yeah! Bar fights! I want to see a bar fight between an asura and a norn.
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I agree. That would be something to see.
Child (girl) in The Crown Pavilion, near the Royal Terrace
I'm a Seraph! I'll protect you, citizen!
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Thank you. Uh... good work.
Child (girl) in Lake Doric
Do you have any soap on you stranger?
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I... don't usually wash up on battlefields. Why?
I lost a trinket back there, and I need to squeeze in to get it back. Some soap might help me slip in!
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Good luck with that.
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No, sorry.
Child at Lakeside Bazaar
It's dangerous out here, you know!
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I'm well aware. So what are YOU doing out here?
Momma told me we weren't scared of those White Mantle! And she's always right, so I'm going to be fine!
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Good. Stay behind here and keep safe.
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