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The Collapsed Observatory

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The Collapsed Observatory

The Collapsed Observatory map.jpg
Map of The Collapsed Observatory

The Collapsed Observatory is a jumping puzzle in the southeast part of Kessex Hills.


[edit] Getting there

Start from Cereboth Waypoint in Cereboth Canyon and head directly south. The cave eventually leads to Isgarren's View.

[edit] Walkthrough

Youtube.png Search YouTube for videos related to The Collapsed Observatory.

[edit] Reward

[edit] NPCs

[edit] Enemies


[edit] Notes

Daily Puzzle Discoverer trigger point
  • To get the Daily Puzzle Discoverer achievement credit from this puzzle, you have to get up on the ledge to the right of the stream before the entrance, as seen on the second picture above. Approaching the entrance directly from the stream will not trigger the achievement.
  • Diving goggles for a jump adjacent to Isgarren's View are near the exit to the completed jumping puzzle.

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