Obsidian Sanctum

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the jumping puzzle. For the zone, see Obsidian Sanctum (zone).

Obsidian Sanctum

Obsidian Sanctum map.jpg
Map of Obsidian Sanctum

Obsidian Sanctum is the long jumping puzzle located in the map of the same name. It is accessed via the World vs. World panel, or a portal in Fort Marriner in Lion's Arch.


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Mystic Fountains[edit]

The zone includes three mystic fountains that grant you five minutes of invisibility. Although you cannot use any skills or traits while in this mode, you can walk undetected, making it easier to avoid foes. The fountain has a 30 second cooldown between uses and you cannot extend the duration by using the fountain while invisible; you must wait for the cooldown to end. In addition, the cloak will be dispelled if you are damaged by opponents. The fountains are located as follows:

  1. To the right of the entrance in a cave accessible by a short jumping puzzle starting at a structure in the water.
  2. At the top of a scalable incline just before entering the well with the board platforms.
  3. Past the top of the arena. At the last spike trap area in the puzzle, instead of going up the short staircase with the boulders to continue the puzzle, go in the opposite direction down the other staircase and turn right.

Dark Room[edit]

The Dark Room refers to the pitch black section of the jumping puzzle located about halfway through the instance. To help illuminate your path, you can pick up a torch from the dispenser at the start of the Dark Room. It offers three skills, including the ability to throw a torch to light up a target area. In addition to the darkness, you must also navigate jumps and traps that can knock you down.


  • Part way through the Dark Room is a lizard statue. Ignite it with your torch to create a larger source of light.
  • Bring your own light source, such as a flamethrower or Cobalt.
  • Use a large Area of effect skill to highlight the terrain.
  • Stability will allow you to ignore the knock down traps.
  • Leap skills can be used to skip much of the puzzle.
  • Be prepared for opponents camping the puzzle and the Dark Room in particular.
  • As with any puzzle, ensure you are not in combat mode before attempting a long or otherwise tricky jump.



  • This map has been abused to gain loot, experience, and the Realm Avenger achievement and medal.
    • Players from each world defeat each other in the starting area of the puzzle using area damage over time skills and Retaliation.
    • Loot was removed from this map because of this and other fixes are planned.[1]


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