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Fractal Relic

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Fractal Relic.png
Fractal Relics are a currency earned by participating in Fractals of the Mists. They are stored in the Account Wallet and can be spent at BUY-4373 in Mistlock Observatory.

[edit] Acquisition

Relics are dropped from the end chest in each fractal fragment and from the bonus chest that is awarded once per day per tier.

  • 5-15 from the end chests for each fractal fragment — there are four standard fractals per level; the reward increases every 5 levels.
  • 20-60 from the bonus chest — awarded once per day per tier after completing the boss fractal.
  • 15, by double-clicking a Pristine Fractal Relic.

[edit] Relics per fractal

The amount of relics varies by personal difficulty level:

Scale Per Fragment Daily Chest Total Incl. Pristine Relic
1-5 Fractal Relics 20 Fractal Relics 40 Fractal Relics 55 Fractal Relics
6-10 Fractal Relics 20 Fractal Relics 44 Fractal Relics 59 Fractal Relics
11-15 Fractal Relics 25 Fractal Relics 53 Fractal Relics 68 Fractal Relics
16-20 Fractal Relics 25 Fractal Relics 57 Fractal Relics 72 Fractal Relics
21-25 Fractal Relics 30 Fractal Relics 66 Fractal Relics 81 Fractal Relics
26-30 10 Fractal Relics 30 Fractal Relics 70 Fractal Relics 85 Fractal Relics
31-35 11 Fractal Relics 35 Fractal Relics 79 Fractal Relics 94 Fractal Relics
36-40 12 Fractal Relics 35 Fractal Relics 83 Fractal Relics 98 Fractal Relics
41-45 13 Fractal Relics 40 Fractal Relics 92 Fractal Relics 107 Fractal Relics
46-50 14 Fractal Relics 40 Fractal Relics 96 Fractal Relics 111 Fractal Relics

[edit] Trivia

  • The icon was identical to the Knowledge Crystal until the 14 December 2012 update, causing confusion as both were tokens.
  • Prior to the rework of Fractal Reward Levels in November 26th, 2013, the total rewards were different for the 4th "Boss" fractal.

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