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Badges of Honor are a currency earned by participating in World versus World. They are stored in the Account Wallet.


World versus World[edit]

# Source Notes
0-2 Bag of Loot Killing WvW defenders
0-2 Veteran Supervisor Take resource camps
0-2 Champion Tower Lord Take towers
0-2 Champion Keep Lord Take keeps
0-? Legendary Castle Lord Take Stonemist Castle
3-6 Enormous Mistwrought Chest Mistwrought Vault jumping puzzles in the Borderlands
2-20 Enormous Mistwrought Chest Obsidian Sanctum jumping puzzle in Eternal Battlegrounds. The amount scales with character level.
2-8 Eternal Chest After completing Eliminate the overgrown grub
2-8 Eternal Chest After completing Silence the raging arboreal spirit
1-2 Twilight Arbor (story mode) An unusual drop from killing Faolain's phantasms.

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