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Cursed Shore events pulled from Category:[edit]

Event swords (map icon).png Rid the Pact camp of tar elementals (80)
Event shield (map icon).png Defend Explorer Loana while she searches the tombs for Orrian artifacts (80)
Event shield (map icon).png Escort Explorer Loana to the Reliquary Vault in the Royal Tombs (80)
Event flag (map icon).png Defend the beacon until Pact reinforcements can arrive (80)
Defeat Brothmirr Rockslide (80)
Event swords (map icon).png Defeat the ancient Risen warriors in Balthazar's arena (80)
Event cog (map icon).png Defend Penitent Camp from Risen (80)
Event shield (map icon).png Escort Tactician Almonia and her force to secure a new camp (80)
Event shield (map icon).png Defend Explorer Plinx as he repairs his hazmat suit (80)
Event shield (map icon).png Help Explorer Plinx reach the chopper signal location (80)
Event shield (map icon).png Help Crusader Talesin escort his veteran packheart to Penitent Camp (80)
Event cog (map icon).png Protect the technicians as they rebuild Penitent Camp (80)
Event swords (map icon).png Help Explorer Plinx clear Risen from the chopper landing zone (80)
Event boss (map icon).png Defeat the Risen abomination wandering outside the walls of Caer Shadowfain (80)
Event shield (map icon).png Help Scholar Blix clear the tunnel (80)
Event boss (map icon).png Defeat the Champion of the Gladiators (80)
Event shield (map icon).png Defend Explorer Plinx as he carries supplies to Caer Shadowfain (80)
Event cog (map icon).png Burn the scattered Pact corpses to honor the fallen (80)
Event boss (map icon).png Defeat the Risen pirate Captain Rotbeard (80)
Event shield (map icon).png Defend Pact Tactician Megill from the Risen (80)
Deactivate the Magicohesion Cannon (80)
Engage the Orrian Spectral Hammer (80)
Event shield (map icon).png Escort Tactician Megill to safe ground (80)
Event shield (map icon).png Defend Jofast's Camp against Risen attacks (80)
Event shield (map icon).png Help Lightbringer Palfinier reach Meddler's Summit (80)
Event shield (map icon).png Protect Historian Fia on her search for gorillas (80)
Event boss (map icon).png Kill the angry Risen gorilla to save Fia and Jasper (80)
Event shield (map icon).png Escort Warmaster Jofast and her caravan to retake her camp (80)
Event boss (map icon).png Defeat the ooze king (80)
Event boss (map icon).png Defeat the champion (Champion Risen Giant) (80)
Defeat Fortuna Dirgecaller (80)
Event cog (map icon).png Defend the Pact interrupter from Risen attacks (80)
Event cog (map icon).png Defend the Pact interrupter device while it charges to cleanse the temple (80)
Event shield (map icon).png Escort the Pact forces to the Temple of Melandru (80)
Event boss (map icon).png Destroy the Risen Priest of Melandru (80)
Event shield (map icon).png Escort Magister Izzmek to the site of the second signal beacon (80)
Event cog (map icon).png Defend the spectral disruptor to prevent the spectral weapons from reforming (80)
Event shield (map icon).png Ensure that Keeper Jonez Deadrun reaches the Cathedral of Silence (80)
Event shield (map icon).png Cover Keeper Jonez Deadrun as he performs the cleansing ritual (80)
Event boss (map icon).png Stop the Risen Priest of Grenth from retaking the Cathedral of Silence (80)
Event star (map icon).png Use portals to fight shades, slay the Risen Priest of Grenth, and protect Keeper Jonez Deadrun (80)
Event shield (map icon).png Help Arcanist Xanf set up his spectral disruptor (80)
Event boss (map icon).png Protect Explorer Loana and defeat the Risen King (80)
Event shield (map icon).png Defend Gavbeorn's Landing from invading Risen (80)
Event swords (map icon).png Destroy the Risen Wizard and her attendants to learn her secrets (80)
Event shield (map icon).png Accompany Rakkan as he tests Merla's undead camouflage potion (80)
Event collect (map icon).png Help Rakkan collect Risen fish oil glands for Merla (80)
Event boss (map icon).png Destroy the Risen broodmother to free Rakkan (80)
Event shield (map icon).png Help Agent Scrybe search the ruins for Orrian artifacts (80)
Event swords (map icon).png Reclaim Gavbeorn's Landing from the Risen (80)
Event boss (map icon).png Defeat the champion (Champion Risen Archmage) (80)
Temple of Melandru (80)
Event shield (map icon).png Escort Magister Izzmek to the site of the first signal beacon (80)
Temple of Grenth (80)
Pact Operation Southern Advancement (80)
Gates of Arah (80)
Event boss (map icon).png Kill the champion Risen megalodon that shipwrecked Camelia (80)
Event shield (map icon).png Ensure that the Pact holds the Gates of Arah (80)
Event shield (map icon).png See Keeper Jonez Deadrun safely to Death's Gaze Torch (80)
Event swords (map icon).png Help the Pact seize the steps of the Promenade of the Gods (80)
Event flag (map icon).png Help the Pact capture the hall of the Promenade of the Gods (80)
Event cog (map icon).png Defend the Pact lightning cannon (80)
Event boss (map icon).png Defeat the Risen Giant Clam and fend off attacking undead (80)
Event boss (map icon).png Defeat the Risen High Wizard and secure the Promenade of the Gods (80)
Event swords (map icon).png Secure Death's Gaze Torch while Explorer Ambrose completes his ritual (80)
Event shield (map icon).png Protect Tactician Footi as she sets up her cannon (80)
Event swords (map icon).png Secure Warmaster Jofast's Camp (80)
Event boss (map icon).png Defeat the crazed Risen groundskeeper (80)
Event shield (map icon).png Defend Explorer Laci as she harvests all the arcane energy from the Orrian power orb (80)
Event boss (map icon).png Kill the Risen broodmother (Cursed Shore) (80)
Event shield (map icon).png Defend the Pact camp at Shelter's Gate (80)
Event shield (map icon).png Help Explorer Laci find an Orrian power orb in the wreck of the Golden Vanity (80)
Event flag (map icon).png Secure Shelter's Gate before the Risen arrive (80)
Event shield (map icon).png Help the Pact strike team make their way to Death's Gaze Torch (80)
Engage the Spectral Sword (80)
Event boss (map icon).png Defeat the Risen wizard (80)
Event boss (map icon).png Crush the veteran Risen spider and free Scholar Zeez (80)
Event boss (map icon).png Slay the veteran Risen chicken that's chasing Priory Scholar Zepa (80)
Event shield (map icon).png Escort Sharn the Vindictive to retrieve a giant Risen pearl (80)
Event shield (map icon).png Defend Priory Scholar Zepa as she searches the village of Ewan for ancient artifacts (80)
Defeat the Risen Sea Turtle Brood (80)
Event shield (map icon).png Aid the Pact soldiers around the airship wreck (80)
Event fist (map icon).png Enrage Risen and lure them to fight Halla Corpseflayer (80)
Event shield (map icon).png Hold the Pact position at Shank Anchorage against Risen attack (80)
Event shield (map icon).png Escort Scholar Didi to the signal flare site to summon her golem prototype for the assault on Arah (80)
Event shield (map icon).png Collect scrap metal to help Ballistician Dexa build her siege weapon (80)
Event shield (map icon).png Help Crusader Angaria signal reinforcements for the assault on Arah (80)
Event shield (map icon).png Get Warmaster Chan to Shank Anchorage before the troops' morale breaks (80)
Event boss (map icon).png Secure the Pact staging area at Shank Anchorage (80)
Event shield (map icon).png See the Pact crash survivors safely to Meddler's Summit (80)

Cursed Shore events pulled from location pages[edit]

Cursed Shore map completion[edit]

Scout table[edit]

Name Location
Watchman Rebec Village of Shaemoor
Orystea Deathstalker Cadem Forest
Fursta Farhunter Village of Smokestead
Frissa Splattershot Charr's Triumph
Beata Heavyspear Charr's Triumph
Galea Relicchaser Ashford Forum
Alteria Cogchaser Devast District
Tyranea the Unyielding Phasmatis Corridor
Minita Skaleslayer Ascalon Basin
Peacemaker Zeppa Obscura Incline
Researcher Cort Voloxian Passage
Lionscout Enna Akk Wilds
Researcher Hekke Artergon Woods
Researcher Flizz Hexane Regrade
Agnarr Snowlord's Gate
Glaeda Breakneck Pass
Mabil Taigan Groves
Lionguard Haf Dolyak Pass
Soldier Tegwin Altar Brook Vale
Corporal Greenfield Township of Claypool
Sister Kathy Krytan Freeholds
Delilah Taminn Foothills
Anton Westward Godslost Swamp
Lionguard Anton Tromigar Valley
Lieutenant Meade Isenfall Lake
Peacemaker Gammek Venlin Vale
Serai Zinder Slope
Lionscout Authen Archen Foreland
Watchman Cevin Queen's Forest
Benjon Summersail Captain's Cut
Vanguard Lieutenant Briggins Blackwing Excavation
Tegan Venlin Vale
Seraph Watchman Glovill The Wendon Steps
Gylarr Hatebelly Ratcatcher Knoll
Corporal Nim Callahan Hidden Lake
Sergeant Lile Krent Lionshead Outcrops
Scholar Larissa The Godspurs
Scholar Doutzen Highfirn Passage
Loofi Koga Ruins
Seraph Soldier Ramsey Nightguard Beach
Rianna The Thunderhorns
Rossum Cleverblade Nentor Valley
Soldier Siors Broken Arrow River
Explorer Yolanda Sootberme
Valiant Eryssa Thundertroll Swamp
Agent Lylym Mon Maelstrom
Tactician Gloria The Mire Sea
Oumu Guileplume Ventry Bay
Agent Caltha Arundon Vale
Palla Toran Hollow
Explorer Ironpaw Gyre Rapids
Lionscout Tria Sojourner's Way
Scout Benedikt The Iron Veil
Alardin Aleem's Penance
Witt Leeshore Gauntlet
Maccus Breakwill Leeshore Gauntlet
Vurn the Furious Floodwater Causeway
Recruiter Donald Shaemoor Garrison
Technician Penn Soren Draa
Lempi Hunter's Lake
Brigid Broadhollow Bluffs
Garak Jawripper Old Duke's Estate
Isha Rageaxe Wodron Glens
Elder Suvi Hunter's Pitfalls
Skaald Ofeig Tromigar Valley
Lasting Journey Reaver's Dale
Nobal Buryblade Halrunting Plains
Lionguard Asgil Tromigar Valley
Annerly Keeneye Hrothgar's Pass
Bagred the Hunter Hrothgar's Pass
Warden Arondele Village of Astorea
Farrah Ogham Wilds
Researcher Stikk Highfirn Passage
Hunter Gulley Refuge Peak
Vanguard Moeller Stronghold of Ebonhawke
Watchman Brikken The Siege Plains
Vanguard Scout Meleni Vulture's Sweep
Rebel Constantine Groznev Delve
Crusader Yottz Karst Plains
Hunter Aulis Venison Pass
Hunter Jesla Talajian Piedmont
Dojhin Bitterfrost Peaks
Bryn Tailor Guardian Lake
Annora Oathkeeper Firth of Revanion
Seraph Soldier Georgina Wynchona Woods
Hitkata Greenflin Plateau
Padar Grindaxe Town of Nolan
Tigris Furyclaw The Breached Wall
Sarene Sparvaunt Town of Nageling
Skulh Doomprowler Bulliyak Arsenal
Vittchtkek Mountain's Tail
Historian Gaius Ashwalker Ratatosk
Hagund the Wary Kolkorensburg
Sentinel Tremorfist Soldier Mesa
Nivira Warheart Hellion Forest
Holla Copperwield Pig Iron Mine
Bellator the Quiet Burnt Hollow
Lightbringer Mippa Buloh Crossing
Bassi Havoc Steppes
Researcher Zott Yakkington's Toil
Tactician Roderick Wayward Climb
Torblip Dimotiki Waters
Karri Highland Thaw
Watcher of Skies Frostwalk Tundra
Tactician Jarvan Leopard's Tail Valley
Lionguard Zordin Redblood Bitterfrost Peaks
Specialist Morgan Twin Sisters Crossing
Crusader Wula Unbroken Expanse
Hazuul Fastblade Terra Combusta
Strategist Keeneye Warrior's Crown
Seraph Soldier Warren Delanian Foothills
Voisa Sandycove Beach
Captain Price Quetzal Bay
Warden Kentee Willowalk Groves
Fallen Into Night Dimotiki Waters
Amelia Almuten Estates
Lionguard Alvor Traveler's Dale
Hwaichin Thundersquawk Giant's Passage
Warden Perth Viathan Lake
Sergeant Benjamin Viath Shore
Seraph Soldier Belad Overlord's Greatcamp
Brilliant Dawn Vitpeln Hills
Ren Shadestalker Obsidian Run
Cendaris the Patient Cornucopian Fields
Eilla Newbeach Bluffs
Sentinel Jaede Faithstriker Deserter Flats
Itchi-li Astrozintli Forelands
Vigil Scout Camrena Orvar's Glen
Crusader Kalan Bramble Pass
Zeetoktin White Paper Hill
Dian Horrigan Malorean Wilds
Guardian Renton Krongar Pass
Feritax Fatalshot Ironhead Lake
Elli Scalesnout Champion's Shield
Varrah Murkbite Viper's Run
Valiant Otus Bard's Valley
Agent Blonks Treacherous Depths
Britna Couragemind Sati Passage
Sentinel Frazar Thunderbreak Hills
Striga Quickstrike Icespear's Shelf
Crusader Heavyblade Fort Trinity
Tactician Falx Fort Trinity
Crusader Huyg Fort Trinity
Bludow Lost Delver's Ridge
Hunter Vihtora Lost Delver's Ridge
Arcanist Rellya Frostland Melt
Sentinel Chagrin Doomchaser Blightwater Basin
Skarrah Steelhunter Tumok's Last Stand
Alarice the Harvester Terra Carorunda
Sera Singeaxe Steeleye Span
Explorer Rowena Pockmark Roughs
Scholar Marula Relliatus Canyon
Dahvida the Blue Arcallion Digs
Seraph Soldier Reid Wildspine Hills
Sergeant Griffins Splintered Teeth
Corporal Jenson Greystone Rise
Explorer Vorb Triumph Plaza
Vincent Lagrien Sorrowful Sound
Careena Warmwaters Sanguine Bay
Alandion Mournful Depths
Explorer Jochem Winterknell Shore
Pedran Triskellion Vale
Avvish Greatleap Treadrock Uplands
Seraph Soldier Reina Prospect Valley
Pact Scout Carson Camp Resolve
Pact Scout Skenn Camp Resolve
Ikkita Challenger Cliffs
Pact Scout Brychan Southeastern Silverwastes
Explorer Milex Theater of Delight
Explorer Sosian Garden of Ilya
Explorer Annalisa The Shipyard
Tactician Desiderius Pursuit Pass
Explorer Prendes Compass Plaza; False River Valley
Fisher Hedke Alakess Ledge
Explorer Mattis Maguuma's Breach
Scholar Jinora Tarnished Treetop
Agent Ossi Broken Bluffs
Ensign Wilton Stonetwist Paths
Pact Scout Berdrow Stonetwist Paths
Agent Swiftknife Broken Bluffs
Historian Avaellon Snarled Frontier
Pale Reaver Eilwen Snarled Frontier
Crusader Goff Jaka Itzel
Explorer Marcel Northwatch Descent
Botcch Westwatch Patch
Brawka Ogre Camp
Pact Scout Andrist Noble Ledges
Sella Tangled Descent
Agent Tafa Southwatch Creep
Suspicious Crate (Tangled Depths) SCAR Bivouac
Servant (scout) Noble Ledges
Itzel Scout (scout) Jaka Itzel
Tizlak Thistlevine Ravine; Teku Nuhoch
Cavalier (scout) Free City of Amnoon
Priest Bashkim Omiramba Sand Sea
Oredd Auburn Hills
Veteran Choya (scout) Brightwater Inlet
Herder Tarrik Skyward Reach
Farmer Bunti The Bonestrand
Wazzir Arid Gladefields
Refugee (scout) Elona Reach
Myrish The Shattered Ravines
Veteran Korahm, Echoing Gale Broken Shelf
Cavalier Scout Nuri Diviner's Reach
Konca The Necropolis
Ersen Cragged Vale
Folami Champion's Gap
Unlu Kaluun Ravine
Mu'mina Forum Highlands
Maxen Strait of Panube
Agent Fayola Palawa Cut
Irwen The Grotto
Priory Explorer Hector Deldrimor Ruins
Corsair Scout Elina Hundar Pike
Scout Enora Dredgeways
Scout Neason Crystal Bloom Camp
Scout Shea Olmakhan Camp
Scout Asha Mist Warden Camp