Cendaris the Patient

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Cendaris the Patient


Interactive map

Cendaris the Patient is the scout for the Brigantine Isles and Provern Shore areas of Kessex Hills. He is by a small bridge, north of the vista.


Scouting report[edit]

I have to warn you about the pirates around here. Wiley's Buccaneers will rob you blind. Jayne's Jackdaws will hold you for ransom. But Slade's Cutthroats will gut you as soon as look at you. If you go out there, bring a weapon. Friendly faces are in short supply.

— Cendaris the Patient

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Tasks scouted

Level Name Renown NPC Location
31 Get back at the pirates for Joukje Joukje Brigantine Isles
32 Help Mei Shadowwalker reclaim the Wiley pirates' stolen treasure Mei Shadowwalker Provern Shore


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I'm impressed by the stories I've heard from the islands. Sounds like you really made an impression.
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Sure I did.