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Scholar Jinora

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Scholar Jinora


Interactive map (Upper level)

Scholar Jinora is a human scout member of the Durmand Priory found at the camp located in the Tarnished Treetop.


Heart of Maguuma

Scouting report[edit]

This is home to the Exalted, souls bound to armor who live in Tarir, the Forgotten City, which lies within a grand cenote constructed of gold. There, the Exalted await something they call Glint's legacy. And beyond the walls, their outposts stand watch, defending the city from the ever-advancing Mordrem.

— Scholar Jinora


  • Scholar Jinora is voiced by Jocelyn Blue.
  • It's possible Scholar Jinora is named after Jinora from The Legend of Korra, as the name spelling is the same.