Deactivate the Magicohesion Cannon

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Deactivate the Magicohesion Cannon

Desmina's Hallows
(Cursed Shore)
Event type
Hero point.png
Hero challenge
Given by
Interactive map

Interactive map

Deactivate the Magicohesion Cannon is a level 80 event that occurs in Desmina's Hallows.


  • Magicohesion Cannon
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  • This event is difficult to do alone. Use hit-and-run tactics. Zig-zag often. Evade is your friend.
  • It has been found that hitting it from the top with "Barrage" you are able to kill it alone. It will take about 5 minutes due to the recharge time of the skill.
  • Thief: using the short bow skill Cluster Bomb was the only thing that hit the target. Take auto-attack off and be patient. The target doesn't regenerate; thus, just heal and evade to stay alive. Using Smoke Screen and then meleeing the turret works well.
  • Ranger: pet attacks help - having a bear with Shake It Off to rid confusion helps more-so.
  • Engineer: lobbing grenades at the target makes it easier to solo, due to high damage to target from the grenades.