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Interactive map (Upper level)

Brawka is an ogre scout found in Lagula's camp.


Heart of Maguuma

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Knocks Back

Scouting reports[edit]

If Join Nokta as he tracks the chak using magic trails or Collect chak eggs so the ogres can research them is occurring

With our pets lost in the crash, we're in bad shape. Nokta's down in the tunnels sizing up the local beasts for us.

— Brawka

If Destroy ley-energy combs to release ley-energy or Defeat the enraged chak is occurring

The local bugs are troublesome, but Nokta thinks he can raise some of their hatchlings to replace our lost pets.

— Brawka

If Defeat the enraged chak has been completed

The bugs couldn't be tamed, but Lagula has a new plan to turn the bugs against the dragon's army.

— Brawka

If Join the ogres in defeating the Mordrem has been completed

The dragon's forces have retreated and the natural beasts have come back. Maybe now we can tame new pets for ourselves.

— Brawka

If King of the Jungle is occurring

The Whispers agents have a plan to get deeper into the dragon's realm. We're doing what we can to help them.

— Brawka


You seem strong enough. Willing to lend a hand?.