Peacemaker Zeppa

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Peacemaker Zeppa


Interactive map

Peacemaker Zeppa is a scout in Obscura Incline, concerned with the security of outlying labs near her and in Voloxian Passage.


Maguuma Jungle

Scouting report[edit]

The marsh north of Soren Draa is remarkably tumultuous. Senior Researcher Shoon and his salvage krewe clash with the Inquest as they race to unearth an artifact at the Old Golem Foundry site. Across the river from Old Golem Foundry, the Brill Alliance krewe has begun researching skritt who make for troublesome, uncooperative test subjects. These krewes can always use extra hands.

— Peacemaker Zeppa

Incomplete heart (map icon).png
Tasks scouted

Level Name Renown NPC Location
6 Help Shoon's salvage krewe deal with Inquest interference Senior Researcher Shoon Obscura Incline
7 Help Brill Alliance study the skritt Researcher Hrappa Voloxian Passage


Complete heart (map icon).png
Welcome back to Soran Draa, <Character name>. Your heroic deeds have earned you our respect.
Talk end option tango.png
See you around.
Uses Technician Penn's after hearts' dialogue