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Agent Tafa

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Agent Tafa


Interactive map

Agent Tafa is a member of the Order of Whispers found at the pylon located in the Southwatch Creep.


Heart of Maguuma

Scouting reports[edit]

If Clear Mordrem near Exalted mirrors while Adanich powers-up Southwatch is occurring

With that overseer out of the way, the Exalted can focus on powering up their outpost and driving out nearby Mordrem.

— Agent Tafa

If Southwatch is activated by all of the pylons have not been

Southwatch has been activated. The Exalted sages are hoping to recall more enchanted armors with their nearby pylons.

— Agent Tafa

  • Points towards events related to pylons that have not been activated yet.
If Southwatch and all of the pylons have been activated

All of the Southwatch pylons are activated. The Mordrem won't know what hit them if they attack now.

— Agent Tafa

During Trial by Fire

The Mordrem are determined to take Tarir, but the Exalted have something planned for them.

— Agent Tafa

During Battle in Tarir

Tarir was overrun by Mordrem. They can't be allowed to control the city.

— Agent Tafa