Ensure that the Pact holds the Gates of Arah

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Ensure that the Pact holds the Gates of Arah

Interactive map

Interactive map

Ensure that the Pact holds the Gates of Arah is a level 80 event that occurs in The Narthex.


  • Gates of Arah Risen control
  • Event bar.jpg Event flag (tango icon).png
  • Risen forces exhausted in: x:xx


  • The event reward is increased by 200% for experience, karma, and coin.
Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 35,560 Experience.png 756 Karma.png Silver coin 72 Copper coin
Silver 30,226 Experience.png 643 Karma.png Silver coin 16 Copper coin
Bronze 26,670 Experience.png 567 Karma.png Silver coin 79 Copper coin





During event
Vigil Tactician Coehl: We can't give up this location.
Vigil Tactician Coehl: Dig in, soldiers. Today they lose and we win!
Vigil Tactician Coehl: Here they come! Prepare yourselves.
Event success
Vigil Tactician Coehl: Our casualties pile up, but while we hold this location, our hope never dies.


  • There are two versions of this defense event: one where the Risen High Wizard spawns, and one where he doesn't. These events have separate IDs.