Scholar Larissa

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Scholar Larissa


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Scholar Larissa is the scout for the Frostgate Falls and Lake of Lamentation areas of Lornar's Pass. She is outside Belldron's Guardholme


Shiverpeak Mountains

Scouting report[edit]

This place is far less secure than we were led to believe. The dredge move ever closer, and we need all available help to push them back. They're also sitting on a gold mine of dwarven artifacts, preventing us from studying them. On top of that, we've learned of a mysterious new threat, some sort of steam creatures. We've been trying to learn all we can about them, but we're at a loss. If they're truly dangerous, we need to know as soon as possible.

— Scholar Larissa

Renown Heart empty (map icon).png Tasks scouted[edit]

Level Name Renown NPC Location
30 Help the Priory stop the dredge encroachment Scholar Rinceword Frostgate Falls
31 Help Agent Kaukiri trick the dredge into fighting steam creatures Agent Kaukiri Lake of Lamentation
32 Investigate and contain the expanding steam creature forces Scholar Garrius Darkpaw Lake of Lamentation


Complete heart (map icon).png Thank you. Your help has been invaluable against the steam creatures and the dredge.
Talk end option tango.png No problem.