Researcher Zott

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Researcher Zott


Interactive map

Researcher Zott is a scout for the Glacial Collapse area of Frostgorge Sound. He is situated near to the Yak's Bend Waypoint.


Shiverpeak Mountains

Scouting report[edit]

Imps have started to overrun the Rime Moraine caves. We're trying to determine the cause, but keeping the imps under control while we conduct our experiments has been...difficult. Any assistance you could give would be appreciated.

— Researcher Zott

Renown Heart empty (map icon).png Tasks scouted[edit]

Level Name Renown NPC Location
73 Help Scholar Inka research imps Scholar Inka Glacial Collapse


Complete heart (map icon).png Thank you for your help.
Talk end option tango.png My pleasure.