Scholar Doutzen

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Scholar Doutzen


Interactive map

Scholar Doutzen is the scout for the Winterthaw Snowfield in Lornar's Pass.


Scouting report[edit]

The Durmand Priory has run into trouble in the Molitage Digs. A research team is looking for relics that hold information about the war between dwarves and destroyers, but dredge are attacking the excavators. As the researchers progress, the destroyers themselves have started appearing.

— Scholar Doutzen

Renown Heart empty (map icon).png Tasks scouted[edit]

Level Name Renown NPC Location
35 Help Explorer Leandra find relics in Molitage Digs Explorer Leandra Winterthaw Snowfield
36 Help Arcanist Kruppa with destroyers near Pinion Pass Arcanist Kruppa Winterthaw Snowfield


Complete heart (map icon).png Thank you, the Priory is in your debt.
Talk end option tango.png You're welcome.