Agent Caltha

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Agent Caltha


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Agent Caltha is a scout tasked with the Arundon Vale and Highpeaks areas in Frostgorge Sound. The agent is encountered when entering the zone from Wayfarer Foothills.


Scouting report[edit]

Jormag's influence extends far beyond his actual reach. To the west, the Sons of Svanir grow ever more dangerous and violent. To the east, the weak-minded grawl worship the great beast in the sky. We must stem the tide, or this land will be lost.

— Agent Caltha

Renown Heart empty (map icon).png Tasks scouted[edit]

Level Name Renown NPC Location
71 Help Pact Explorer Erikk battle the Dragon Tribe grawl Explorer Erikk Arundon Vale
72 Help Pact Crusader D'Stolt fight the Sons of Svanir Crusader D'Stolt Highpeaks


Complete heart (map icon).png If I had the authority to give out medals, you'd be top of the list. The Pact is in your debt. Safe travels, friend.
Talk end option tango.png Good-bye.