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1 (unnamed parameter)
Token identifier. See table below for abbreviations, or use full name of token or dungeon.
2 (unnamed parameter)
Quantity, displayed in front of the token icon.
l (lowercase L)
Label. Defining this parameter as anything, most simply y, will add a label to the token that automatically adjusts to its plural form for quantities over 1. When no quantity is defined, this parameter can be manually written out as the desired label.


Dungeon Input Output
Ascalonian Catacombs {{token|ac}} Ascalonian Tears
Caudecus's Manor {{token|cm}} Seals of Beetletun
Twilight Arbor {{token|ta}} Deadly Blooms
Sorrow's Embrace {{token|se}} Manifestos of the Moletariate
Citadel of Flame {{token|cf}} Flame Legion Charr Carvings
Crucible of Eternity {{token|ce}} Knowledge Crystals
Honor of the Waves {{token|hw}} Symbols of Koda
The Ruined City of Arah {{token|arah}} Shards of Zhaitan
All of the above since the June 7, 2022 update. {{token|todd}} {{token|tale}} {{token|tale of dungeon delving}} Tales of Dungeon Delving
Fractals of the Mists {{token|fr}} Fractal Relics
{{token|pfr}} Pristine Fractal Relics
{{token|ufe}} Unstable Fractal Essences
Raids {{token|ms}} Magnetite Shards
{{token|gacr}} Gaeting Crystals
{{token|li}} Legendary Insight.png
Other Input Output
Globs of Ectoplasm {{token|goe}} {{token|globs}} {{token|ectos}} Glob of Ectoplasm
World versus World {{token|wvw}} Badges of Honor
{{token|wvw sct}} {{token|skirmish claim ticket}} WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets
{{token|poh}} Proofs of Heroics
{{token|mob}} {{token|memory of battle}} Memory of Battle.png
PvP {{token|pvp lt}} PvP League Tickets
{{token|asog}} {{token|ascended shard of glory}} Ascended Shard of Glory.png
{{token|sog}} {{token|shard of glory}} Shard of Glory.png
{{token|pvp tv}} {{token|pvp tournament voucher}} PvP Tournament Vouchers
Grandmaster Mark {{token|garmm}}{{token|grandmaster armorsmith's mark }} Grandmaster Armorsmith's Mark
{{token|glm}}{{token|grandmaster leatherworker's mark }} Grandmaster Leatherworker's Mark
{{token|gtm}}{{token|grandmaster tailor's mark }} Grandmaster Tailor's Mark
{{token|gwm}}{{token|grandmaster weaponsmith's mark}} Grandmaster Weaponsmith's Mark
{{token|ghm}}{{token|grandmaster huntsman's mark }} Grandmaster Huntsman's Mark
{{token|gartm}}{{token|grandmaster artificer's mark Grandmaster Artificer's Mark
Mystic Forge {{token|mystic}} Mystic Coins
Personal story {{token|pact}} Pact Victory Token
Captain's Council Commendation {{token|ccc}} Captain's Council Commendations
Guild Commendation {{token|gc}} Guild Commendations
Black Lion Claim Ticket {{token|blt}} Black Lion Claim Tickets
Black Lion Claim Ticket Scrap {{token|bls}} Black Lion Claim Ticket Scraps
Halloween {{token|corn}} Pieces of Candy Corn
{{token|cob}} Candy Corn Cobs
Super Adventure Box {{token|b}} Baubles
{{token|bb}} Bauble Bubbles
Southsun Cove {{token|karka}} Karka Shells
{{token|sclerite}} Sclerite Weapon Claim Ticket
Dragon Bash 2013 {{token|zhaitaffy}} Pieces of Zhaitaffy
{{token|jorbreaker}} Jorbreakers
Escape from Lion's Arch {{token|fb}} Found Belongings
{{token|bs}} Blade Shards
{{token|fh}} Found Heirlooms
Festival of the Four Winds {{token|festival}} {{token|festival token}} {{token|ft}} Festival Tokens
Dry Top {{token|geo}} {{token|geode}} {{token|geodes}} Geode
Silverwastes {{token|crest}} {{token|crests}} {{token|bc}} Bandit Crest
Heart of Thorns {{token|airship parts}} {{token|ap}} Airship Part
{{token|aurillium}} {{token|aur}} Lump of Aurillium
{{token|llc}} Ley Line Crystal
{{token|co}} Crystalline Ore.png
{{token|pt}} Provisioner Tokens
{{token|um}} Unbound Magic.png
{{token|br}} Blood Rubies
{{token|pw}} Petrified Wood
{{token|fw}} Fresh Winterberries
{{token|js}} Jade Shards
{{token|fob}} Fire Orchid Blossoms
{{token|op}} Orrian Pearls
Path of Fire {{token|todh}} Testimonies of Desert Heroics
{{token|tc}} Trade Contracts
{{token|em}} Elegy Mosaics
{{token|stf}} Slivers of Twitching Forgemetal
{{token|vm}} Volatile Magic.png
{{token|ko}} Kralkatite Ore.png
{{token|dc}} Difluorite Crystals
{{token|is}} Inscribed Shards
The Icebrood Saga {{token|blue prophet shard}} Blue Prophet Shards
{{token|blue prophet crystal}} Blue Prophet Crystals
{{token|hc}} Hatched Chili
{{token|eis}} Eternal Ice Shard
End of Dragons {{token|tojh}} Testimonies of Jade Heroics
{{token|green prophet shard}} Green Prophet Shards
{{token|Canach Coin}} Canach Coin.png