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unnamed parameter 1
Token identifier. See table below for abbreviations, or use full name of token or dungeon.
unnamed parameter 2
Quantity, displayed in front of the token icon.
l (lowercase L)
Defining this parameter as anything, most simply y, will add a label to the token that automatically adjusts to its plural form for quantities over 1.


Dungeon Input Output
Ascalonian Catacombs {{token|ac}} Ascalonian Tears
Caudecus's Manor {{token|cm}} Seals of Beetletun
Twilight Arbor {{token|ta}} Deadly Blooms
Sorrow's Embrace {{token|se}} Manifestos of the Moletariate
Citadel of Flame {{token|cf}} Flame Legion Charr Carvings
Crucible of Eternity {{token|ce}} Knowledge Crystals
Honor of the Waves {{token|hw}} Symbols of Koda
Arah {{token|arah}} Shards of Zhaitan
Fractals of the Mists {{token|fr}} Fractal Relics
{{token|pfr}} Pristine Fractal Relics
Raids {{token|ms}} Magnetite Shards
{{token|gacr}} Gaeting Crystals
Other Input Output
Globs of Ectoplasm {{token|goe}} {{token|globs}} {{token|ectos}} Glob of Ectoplasm
World versus World {{token|wvw}} Badges of Honor
{{token|wvw sct}} {{token|skirmish claim ticket}} WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets
{{token|poh}} Proofs of Heroics
{{token|mob}} {{memory of battle}} Memory of Battle.png
PvP {{token|pvp lt}} PvP League Tickets
{{token|asog}} {{token|ascended shard of glory}} Ascended Shard of Glory.png
{{token|sog}} {{token|shard of glory}} Shard of Glory.png
{{token|pvp tv}} {{token|pvp tournament voucher}} PvP Tournament Vouchers
Grandmaster Mark {{token|garmm}}{{token|grandmaster armorsmith's mark }} Grandmaster Armorsmith's Mark
{{token|glm}}{{token|grandmaster leatherworker's mark }} Grandmaster Leatherworker's Mark
{{token|gtm}}{{token|grandmaster tailor's mark }} Grandmaster Tailor's Mark
{{token|gwm}}{{token|grandmaster weaponsmith's mark}} Grandmaster Weaponsmith's Mark
{{token|ghm}}{{token|grandmaster huntsman's mark }} Grandmaster Huntsman's Mark
{{token|gartm}}{{token|grandmaster artificer's mark Grandmaster Artificer's Mark
Mystic Forge {{token|mystic}} Mystic Coins
Personal story {{token|pact}} Pact Victory Token
Captain's Council Commendation {{token|ccc}} Captain's Council Commendations
Guild Commendation {{token|gc}} Guild Commendations
Black Lion Claim Ticket {{token|blt}} Black Lion Claim Tickets
Black Lion Claim Ticket Scrap {{token|bls}} Black Lion Claim Ticket Scraps
Halloween {{token|corn}} Pieces of Candy Corn
{{token|cob}} Candy Corn Cobs
Super Adventure Box {{token|b}} Baubles
{{token|bb}} Bauble Bubbles
Southsun Cove {{token|karka}} Karka Shells
{{token|sclerite}} Sclerite Weapon Claim Ticket
Dragon Bash 2013 {{token|zhaitaffy}} Pieces of Zhaitaffy
{{token|jorbreaker}} Jorbreakers
Escape from Lion's Arch {{token|fb}} Found Belongings
{{token|bs}} Blade Shards
{{token|fh}} Found Heirlooms
Festival of the Four Winds {{token|festival}} {{token|festival token}} {{token|ft}} Festival Tokens
Dry Top {{token|geo}} {{token|geode}} {{token|geodes}} Geode
Silverwastes {{token|crest}} {{token|crests}} {{token|bc}} Bandit Crest
Heart of Thorns {{token|airship parts}} {{token|ap}} Airship Part
{{token|aurillium}} {{token|aur}} Lump of Aurillium
{{token|llc}} Ley Line Crystal
{{token|co}} Crystalline Ore.png
{{token|pt}} Provisioner Tokens
{{token|um}} Unbound Magic.png
{{token|br}} Blood Rubies
{{token|pw}} Petrified Wood
{{token|fw}} Fresh Winterberries
{{token|js}} Jade Shards
{{token|fob}} Fire Orchid Blossoms
{{token|op}} Orrian Pearls
Path of Fire {{token|toh}} Testimonies of Heroics
{{token|tc}} Trade Contracts
{{token|em}} Elegy Mosaics
{{token|stf}} Slivers of Twitching Forgemetal
{{token|vm}} Volatile Magic.png
{{token|ko}} Kralkatite Ore.png
{{token|dc}} Difluorite Crystals
{{token|is}} Inscribed Shards