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This template creates an icon for the type of currency. Each currency is defined in a separate template. This template is not meant to be use directly if the currency is defined in its own template. If the currency isn't defined, a default currency icon is generated.



Unnamed parameter 1
Value of currency to prefix to the icon.
Unnamed parameter 2
Name of the currency article. This is the article the icon links to.
Unnamed parameter 3
If the currency is coin, setting this to anything will force display of 0 value gold, silver, and copper coins.
Optional. The file to use as the icon, include the extension. Defaults to {{{2}}}.png.
Optional. If set, this parameter will display the name of the item.


Currency Code Icon
Coin {{coin}} Copper coin
Copper {{copper}} Copper coin
Silver {{silver}} Silver coin
Gold {{gold}} Gold coin
Experience {{experience}} Experience.png
Gem {{gem}} Gem.png
Glory {{glory}} Glory.png
Influence {{influence}} Influence
Karma {{karma}} Karma.png
Supply {{supply}} Supply.png
Laurel {{laurel}} Laurel.png
Spirit Shard {{spirit shard}} Spirit Shard.png
Guild Commendation {{guild commendation}} Guild Commendation.png


Currency Code Icon
Example {{currency|5|Nonexistent page|icon=Karma.png}} Karma.png
Coin {{currency|123|coin}} Silver coin 23 Copper coin
Glob of Ectoplasm {{currency|5|Glob of Ectoplasm}} Glob of Ectoplasm.png