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Urgoz comes at night, night, night...

To give us all a fright, fright, fright!

Don't break a branch or stomp a shrew...

Or Urgoz will break you, you, you...!

Urgoz the Terrible

Urgoz is the spiritual incarnation of the decay of the Echovald Forest, and one of two spirits of the Echovald, alongside his twin, Dreslav.[1]


Early years[edit]

Guild Wars concept art of Urgoz by Matthew Barrett.

Urgoz acted as a spiritual protector of the Echovald Forest, ensuring that the creatures and plants of the forest would decay while his twin Dreslav had them grow. The two balanced each other, keeping the forest in equilibrium. Some time prior to the Jade Wind, the great-great-great-grandmother of the Kurzick Dunmel Gorhopf would discover a link between Urgoz and the wardens of the Echovald.[2][3]

In 1382 CC (872 AE), the Jade Wind caused by Shiro Tagachi's death wail struck the forest, petrifying its inhabitants and driving Urgoz into a frenzy. Urgoz began blaming humanity for the damage done to the forest and became more aggressive.[4] Dreslav attempted to stop his twin's rampage but was struck down by Urgoz and forced into the body of a warden.[1] Considering the forest his domain after striking down his sibling, Urgoz began a campaign to rid the forest of its human inhabitants, leading an army of his wardens alongside corrupted dredge refugees, drinkers, and wurms. He twisted the plants of the forest into hostile and animalistic forms, driving them to attack the Kurzicks.[4] Following the wardens beginning to attack Kurzick settlements, the Kurzicks speculated that Urgoz could have been either corrupted or slain in the chaos of the Jade Wind.[2] While his servants battled the Kurzicks, Urgoz went into a resting state in one of the most productive amber mines in the Echovald, and only awoke upon the return of the vengeful Shiro Tagachi's spirit and the Affliction.

Guild Wars Factions[edit]

During the time of the Affliction in 1582 CC (1072 AE), the Kurzicks became desperate enough to plan to take the fight to Urgoz. They did not believe the tree spirit could truly be defeated as it could mean the end of the forest itself, but they needed to open access to the amber and keep Urgoz's forces in check, or their entire economy would collapse. They managed to persuade a group of human heroes to break into the spirit's lair and carve a path through the beasts which the embodiment of decay had claimed for himself. Eventually, Urgoz himself went to confront the intruders, mocking their attempts as "folly of fighting the inevitable" while suggesting that he had foreseen their arrival and that they were destined to die in his warren. However, the spirit was seemingly destroyed after a fierce battle in which he had used the plant life of the forest against the adventurers. With Urgoz having seemingly disappeared, his twin was freed from his imprisonment.[1]

End of Dragons[edit]

Over the years, the children of the Echovald developed a rhyming game named after Urgoz. One child would put on a blindfold while the others linked hands in a circle. The blindfolded child would spin in a circle with a stick in hand, leading the chant. At the end, they would rip off their blindfold and tackle the child the stick pointed at. The rhymes acted as a reminder of Urgoz's status as punisher of those who dared harm Echovald.

In 1845 CC (1335 AE), Dreslav encountered the Pact Commander, and speculated on Urgoz's ultimate fate, and whether he had been slain for good. Dreslav explained that he hoped that someday Urgoz would recover so that the twins could once more balance the forest together.[1]

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