Carrion Devourer

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the non-charmable animal. For the pet version, see Juvenile Carrion Devourer.

Carrion Devourer

Carrion Devourers are a type of devourer who use knockdowns attacks to try to eat their enemies.



Combat abilities[edit]

  • Burrows
  • Slash - Basic attack, low damage.
  • Tunnel - Burrows into the ground and towards their target, Knockdown.png knocking them down upon impact.
  • Tail Swipe - Winds up to Knockdown.png knock down their foe.
  • Devour - Rips into their target, dealing damage four times and inflicting Bleeding.png Bleeding.
Stolen skills


Name Type Rarity Quantity Creature level
Broken Claw.png Broken Claw Trophy AJunk 1-2 10-11
Full Venom Sac.png Full Venom Sac Crafting material CFine 1 9-75
Large Scale.png Large Scale Crafting material CFine 1 9-75
Tiny Scale.png Tiny Scale Crafting material CFine 1 10-11
Tiny Venom Sac.png Tiny Venom Sac Crafting material CFine 1 10-11
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